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The Top 10 Places to Get Lipo in 2022


We can all agree that, whether male or female, we all have an area of our body that we feel self-conscious about. Whether that’s stubborn fat on the breasts or ankles or perhaps the ever-so-common love handles – it’s a commonality amongst human beings. With that in mind, there are different measures that individuals can take to remove that stubborn fat and restore a sense of confidence in their body.

Liposuction surgery is a cosmetic procedure that has risen in popularity over the course of 50 years. This fat-eliminating procedure has helped over 200,000 in 2017 alone rebuild their confidence and find appreciation in their body once again. With the summer of 2018 on its way, there is no better time to consider signing up for this non-invasive and safe procedure.

In today’s article, we are going to share with you 10 different places where you could get lipo. When you consider that each procedure costs around $4,000, it may just be the self-confidence booster someone needs.

1.  Love Handles

Out of the many different locations that a patient can get liposuction, one of the more popular choices is the love handles. The reason behind why so many people tend to sign-up for this procedure is because it happens to be a common self-conscious location, which also offers some of the best and most noticeable results.

2.  Moobs

Most men can agree that one of their biggest fears while bulking up or eating too many unhealthy fats, is the buildup of stubborn fat in the breast area. Come summer time no man wants to take their shirt off if they have man boobs. This can be embarrassing, which is one it’s one of the best places to get lipo in 2018.

3.  Breasts

For women, one of their most self-conscious areas of the human body is their breasts. Typically, this can be attributed to the over-sexualization in the media and advertisement. However, whatever the reason may be, whether they are too big, lopsided, or perhaps too saggy, this problem can be solved with a simple liposuction procedure.

4.  Neck

As men and women age, it’s natural that certain areas around the body have a more challenging time getting rid of stubborn fat. One of these areas is the neck. If you have a buildup of stubborn fat that a diet or exercise can fix – liposuction sure can!

5.  Arm

Have you ever looked at your arms in the mirror and noticed a collection of stubborn fat that, no matter how many times you run or eat spinach – you just can’t shake it? With liposuction, you can simply suck it out and remove that fat once and for all, achieving that desired contoured look you’ve always wanted.

6.  Thighs

One of the most successful and presentable liposuction surgeries is on the thighs, specifically, the inner thighs. In the past few years, there has been a sudden trend in women getting surgery on their thighs, reducing the gap and enhancing the appearance of strong, long legs.

7.  Chin

When it comes to men and women, one of the first features that people notice is their chin line. It can be a representation of strength or baby-like facial features. In truth, any changes to someone’s chin line can make a significant difference as far as appearances go. This is why many people have started to get lipo on their chin line.

8.  Ankles

One of the most uncomfortable areas for stubborn fat to build up is in the ankles. This can make it difficult to wear certain types of shoes and boots. Lucky for you, if you are noticing the stereotypical cankles, a liposuction specialist can help remove the stubborn fat, creating a more defined and slimmer ankle.

9.  Side of Back

We live in a culture where having highly-defined curved body lines is considered sexy and beautiful. The best way to achieve this curved look is through a side of the back-liposuction surgery, or more commonly referred as flank surgery. Now, this is applicable to both men and women. This is the one area of the body that most localized fat will stick around.

10.  Full Body Sculpting

Rather than limit oneself to one specific area of the body, an individual could also sign-up for full body sculpting. Now, this is entirely dependent upon the plastic surgeon and what they are capable or willing to perform. Vaser liposuction is a type of surgery may include multiple targeted areas to create a fuller what and defined look.



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