Top 10 Music Festivals you probably didn’t know about!!



  1. Glastonbury Music Festival

Glastonbury Music Festival

This festival happens in Pilton, Somerset, England
The crowd goes over about 145,000

Festival organiser Michael Eavis began hosting a musical festival on his dairy farm early in 1970s when entry cost 1$. The festival features special areas such as the dance village, the green fields, the theatre and circus fields, and Strummer Ville, alongside the main music stage.

The next Glastonbury festival takes place in the summers of years
it also had declared the year 2012 “Fallow year”


  1. Roskilde Music Festival

Roskilde Music Festival 2017

This festival happens in Roskilde Denmark

The crowd goes over about  110,000

This four day Danish festival has existed since 1971 and is one of the biggest in Europe. The Roskilde foundation runs the annual event as a non-profit organisation for the development and support of music, culture, and humanism. The once mainly Scandinavian crowd is now more international, with now a festival attendees in average age groups of 22.8 years


  1. Rock Al Parque Music Festival

This festival happens in Bogota, Colombia

The crowd goes over about 100,000

Rock Al Parque Music Festival


The only south America festival to be known as and so famously. This 3 day festival has been taking place since 1995. Originally devoted to rock and metal music. Rock al parquet has gradually diversified to represent other genres, including punk and reggae with an average of 50 national and international bands performing each year.

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  1. Reading and Leeds Music Festival

Reading and Leeds Music Festival

This festival happens in Reading, UK

The crowd goes over about 86, 99
and also in Leeds, UK
where the crowd goes over about  74,999


Advertised as Europe’s’ biggest and best dual site event, this pair of annual music festivals takes place at the different ends of England and shared the same bill over the same weekend in august. The reading festival is the world’s oldest and most popular music festival still in existence and the original venue is some if not more vintage.


  1. T in the Park Music Festival

This festival happens in Balado, Kinross-shire, Scotland


The crowd goes over about 85,000

The three day T in the Park music festival is Scotland’s most successful outdoor music event. At 18 years old in 2011, the festival featured over 200 artist performing across 11 stages—more than four times it original size i.e. 4 time larger than when it all began!


  1. Rock Werchter Music Festival

This festival happens in Werchter, Belgium

The crowd goes over about  83,000

Rock Werchter Music Festival

Belgium’s largest festival, and one of the biggest rock festivals in Europe, began in 1974 as one-day event. Since 2003 the festival has spanned four days. Featured artist in 2011 included linkin park,coldplay,kings of leon,Portishead,a-trak and iron maiden.

  1. Oxegen Music Festival

Oxegen Music Festival

This festival happens in Punchestown,Co. Kildare,Ireland

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The crowd goes over about 80,000


First held in 2004, Oxegen is widely regarded as Ireland’s top music festival. Beyoncé, Foo-Fighters, Artic monkeys and Coldplay were among the headliners of the 2011 three day event, which also featured the headphone disco and a campsite cinema.


  1. Summerfest Music Festival

Summerfest : A Music Festival

This festival happens in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

The crowd goes over about 79,800


Located in the heart of the American Midwest, Summerfest is also known as the big gig and is held along the Milwaukee’s lakefront. Lasting up to 11 days, this eclectic festival is made up of 11 stages with performances from more than 700 bands


  1. Coachella Music Festival

This festival happens in Indio, California, USA

The crowd goes over about  75,000

Coachella 2014 Music Festival

You must’ve have definitely heard about this. First held in 1999 in the grounds of a polo club and headlined by such acts as Beck,Morrissey,Tool and Rage against the machine, the event will expand and has expanded to two weekends with the exact if not more line up of attendee for both weekends!


  1. Sziget Music Festival


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Sizget Music Festival

This festival happens in Budapest, Hungary

The crowd goes over about  60,000

With more than 1k-one thousand performances from a range of different genres, the nearly week long Sziget Festival has been described as the Burning Man Festival Nevada USA. Of Europe, and enjoys a reputation as an arts and music festival. Held every August on an island on the Danube River in the middle of Budapest, the festival is popular with west Europeans.

This is similar to:



  1. Pink-pop Music Festival

    Pinkpop Music Festival

This festival happens in Landgraaf, Netherlands

The crowd goes over about 60,000

One of the world’s oldest music festivals and the Netherlands best-known festival, Pink-pop has been rocking since 1970. Over the three days, approximately 40 artist perform across three stages!



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