Bollywood is the part and parcel of Indian life and with its different colors, it blurs the differences between the real and reel life. Most importantly, the songs of Bollywood amazingly go well with different situations not only in the silver screen but also on a day-to-day life of common people. Just not the films, but also the songs of the Bollywood movies are extremely popular. Now, when we feel lost or disturbed and face difficulties in life, we can hear some of the motivational songs that can really make us strong to fight the situations. Here are the top 10 motivational songs of all time from Bollywood,

  1. Aashayein (Iqbal):

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This song in the film defines the struggle of a physically challenged boy who fought against all odds in life just to chase his dreams. The song portrays the will-power of the boy who struggled hard to become a cricketer. The lyrics of the song are can easily motivate a mind.

  1. Yea Hosla Kaise Jhuke (Dor):


This song from the film Dor conveys the message of keeping the spirits within our heart, alive. Even the hard times will come to an end if we believe our instincts.

  1. Yahan Ke Hum Sikandar (Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar):

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The film story is about a person who is good for nothing but turns out to be a cycle champion at the end by his hard work. The song inspires everyone to focus on the goals so that they can be achieved.

  1. Chak De India (Chak De India):

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As seen in the movie, the song also depicts the fact that success comes after failure. The song tells us to gear-up in life without getting carried over by failure.

  1. Mitwa (Lagaan):


This motivational song from the film Lagaan beckons us to take control of our life and that we must take charge of what is ours without any fear. The song will make you believe in yourself and that with honesty we can be the winner.

  1. Ekla Cholo Re (Kahani):


This song is inspired by Rabindra Sangeet, which is well known among Bengalis. The song in the film can motivate one to fight against the odds alone even if you have no companion standing for your right.

  1. Zinda (Bhaag Milkha Bhaag):

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This is a metaphorical song which demands to get familiar with our inner strengths so that we can increase the power to win.

  1. Kinare (Queen):


No one but we are enough to find happiness for ourselves is the main theme of the song. We must have the faith to go farther and explore life.

  1. Haan Yehi Rasta Hai Tera (Lakshya):

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This song from the film Lakshya will make you realize your inner potentialities and can encourage one to work towards his goal in life.

  1. Ruk Jaana Nahi (Imtihan):

This song from the very old movie Imtihan is all about real fights in life as it motivates one to cross the hurdles and keep going. This is a lovely song which inspires many through its lyrics.