Top 10 Law Colleges in Hyderabad

Top Law colleges in Hyderabad

Law colleges in Hyderabad have been rapidly growing.Indian law schools for a fact have turned out to become centres of excellence in professional higher education and it has been increased from the last few years. Within a decade, LAW course i.e LLB has become one of the most sought-after course. Presenting you with the Top 10 Law colleges in Hyderabad

Top 10 Law Colleges in Hyderabad

10. ICFAI Foundation for Higher Education

As always ICFAI had to make it in the list with one of the best faculties with widespread exposure. The fees here is about 1.80 lakhs/yr. LSAT and CLAT are the two entrance exams that are eligible for this college.

ICFAI foundation

9. College of Law For Women

This college is exclusively for women and is considered to be as one of the best law colleges in Hyderabad. Situated in Ambarpet this college offers both LLB ( Bachelor of Law ) and LLM ( Master of Laws). This college was established under Andhra Mahila Sabha. Here the academic par excellence is a unique and a freedom for enquiry. The institute endeavours to prepare the students who have good leadership skills and the right attitude for service to others. The objective of this college is to provide legal education through the values making them realize the right things.Should have a good score in TS-LAWCET to clear the seat.

Law College for Women

8. Osmania University (OU)

Osmania University is the third oldest University in South and the seventh oldest University in India.It was founded by Oswan Nawab Ali Khan. The college completely focuses on contributing to the development of the country.The fees here are extremely less and is considered to be the oldest college in India.

Osmania University

7. Pendekanti Law College

This college offers B.A.A.L.B and LLB.Situated in Chikkadpally, this college teaches the students the social responsibility and the way to approach in the right way. The college drives a motive to turn the students into dedicated advocates. The college has started in 1991.The fees here is only about 12k/yr.

Pendekanti Law School

6. ICFAI Law school

One of the best law colleges in Hyderabad has a combination of BBA and LLB. Has a top class education system with the right environment. Located in Shankarapalli it offers you the top education in terms of the law. The fees here is about 1.5 lakhs/yr

icfai law school

5. Mahatma Gandhi Law College

One of the Top Law Colleges in Hyderabad, which is situated in Rangareddy district and was established in the year 1991.This college was basically a dream project of Bhagya Nagar Educational Society which mainly wanted to spread education in the field of law. They not only believed in educating but also taught them to prepare them for their future responsibilities and focus on their goals.Should have a good score in TS-LAWCET. The fees here are about 12-15k/ yr

Mg law college

4. Padala Rami Reddy Law College

This college was started by Padala Rama Reddy Educational Society with a mission to enhance and develop the potential of every student. This college is a part of the well- estabilished institution P.R.R group of Colleges.This is situated in Yella Reddy Guda.

Rami Reddy College

3. Sultanululoom College of Law, Hyderabad

Started in the year 1989. The college offers totally three years of Bachelor of Laws (L.L.B.) and completed two years of Master of Laws (L.L.M.) courses making it the best. The college has a really beautiful infrastructure with a large Library Hall and a wide section of books. They also have National and International Journals.Situated in Banjara Hills, the fees here are about 18-20k/yr

Sultanululoom Law college

2. University College of Law (OU)

One of the best Law colleges in Hyderabad was founded in the year 1899. It is associated with the top legal institutes by the faculty that are 3 Years LL.B, 5 Years B.A., LL.B. This has a huge Seminar Hall with almost 125 Seating.Situated in Amberpet, the fees here is about 12-14k/yr

University of Law College - OSmania University

1. Nalsar University of Law

NALSAR University of Law, Hyderabad is a residential university which was started in 1998 under the AP Act 34 in 1998 also known as the National Academy of Legal Studies and Research University. These universities mainly focus on helping the students to decide clearly on what they want to achieve and accordingly pursue the relevant courses.This college is doing really well in the field of legal studies.It has achieved complete excellence in the last few years.Situated in Shameerpet the fees here varies on the courses but is mainly between 25-30k/yr

 Nalsar University Of Law