Top 10 largest and expensive houses of the world.


Have you ever sketched your dream house? In your imagination maybe? The wall will have these colours and the drapes will be of this colour, maybe a game room or a gigantic attic library. We all have a dream house. Here are the Top 10 largest and expensive houses of the world to inspire you.

1. Istana Nurul Iman Palace

A 2.15 million square feet house! Indeed, a place to suit the King! It belongs to Hassanal Bolkiah, Sultan of Brunei. Further, the house has 1788 rooms, 257 bathrooms and luxuries like a mosque, horse stable, swimming pools, banquets and what not! It is also called as Palace of Faith Light and it costs about $1.4 billion

2. Antilia

This isn’t even a house. It’s a 550-foot sky scrapper with 27 floors! Built and owned by Business Tycoon  Mukhesh Ambani, the fourth richest person in the world and richest man of India. Unbelivingly, it cost $1 billion to build. Further, each floor has unique themes designed as per Vastushastra. Also, no two floors are alike.

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3. Biltmore Estate:

This Estate is located in North Carolina, Asheville. Currently, it is the largest private residential property of the United States of America. Further, the mountains in the background complete this property making a picture-perfect. It has 250 rooms, 43 bathrooms and many luxurious facilities. It belongs to a railroad and shipping company owner Cornelius Vanderbilt.

4. Safra Mansion0

Located in Sao Paulo, Brazil, this house has an area of 117000 square feet. It belongs to Edmond and Lily Safra until Edmond died in a fire at the house. Since then it belongs to Lily alone.

5. Witanhurst

This is the second largest property of England following Buckingham Palace and the largest residential property of England. It is built on former Parkfield estate. It covers 90,000 square feet of England and it is stocked with all modern amenities.

6. Modern Versailles

Loacted on 90,000 square feet area of Orange County, this sprawling property is owned by the CEO of Westgate Resorts David and Jaqueline Siegel. Besides, the master bedroom itself is of 8,000 square feet. Also, it is also featured on the famous documentary The Queen of Versailles.

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7. La Riverie:

This $4.5 million property is located in one if the most attractive tourist destination Palm Beach. Further, the house is painted to suit the blue skies and beach sand. It was built by Matrix Essential owner Sydell Miller.

8. Villa Leopolda

This Villa looks a bit like Safra Mansion. This property too belonged to Lily Safra until she sold in 2008 to a Russian oligarch. This Villa belonged to Blanche Zélia Joséphine Delacroix the mistress of King Leopold II of Belgium.

9. The One- Bel- Air

This one is literally a house of dreams. It was a dream of real estate agent and film producer Nile Niami. It is a property of 74000 square feet located in Bel Air, California. Also, it is popularly known as The One. And rightly so cause it costs about $500 million dollars. Further, it has a specially designed jellyfish room.

10. Pensmore:

This property of a Missouri is a big fiasco. Despite being the tenth largest property of the world, it might get torn down and rebuilt. It belongs to Steven Huff a former CIA agent and Astrophysicist. In addition, Huff wants to build a house that withstands everything tornado, bomb, bullets, earthquake and even fire. Also, it has an area of 72215 square feet.

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So, these are the Top 10 largest and expensive houses