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Top 10 Health Issues caused due to stress


Well, you may think that most of the diseases or health problems are due to bacteria or virus. Many people are living their day to day life carrying some tension with them not realizing that it may all pile up to stress one day that can disable the body’s immune system. Yes, you heard that right according to many health experts stress is 90% of the reason behind Health Issues. If you get into the habit of taking a lot of stress, then there is no relief to it and the effects are shown in the later stages.

There are many such kinds of illnesses that are caused by stress which involves both the mind and the body. Most of us do not want to take stress but it is something we live with ourselves every day. Stress can come in any form like when someone is starting a new job, daily struggles of life, travelling are some of the many factors that can trigger this. However, there are some long-term effects of stress that lead to stress-related diseases. These diseases can cause lack of sleep, sadness, trouble concentrating etc. We have prepared a list of health issues caused due to dis-ease

Top 10 Diseases caused due to Dis-ease

#10 Cold and Headache

People who are stressed out most of the time land up having an immune system that is not functioning properly. Due to which they get sick faster and easier which can lead to prolonged cold and headache. To avoid this outcome we have to eat healthy food and stop worrying. Stress is considered as one of the most common health issues for headaches and most of the cases leading to a series migraine.

Cold and Headache

#9 Cancer

Since stress, as we know, is used to depress the immune system someone struggling with ongoing stress is well equipped to have a major illness such as cancer. If that is the case then the patient has no other choice but to follow treatments such as relaxation therapy, pet therapy, musical therapy etc all of which can get your stress level down. Stress problems are considered to be harder than physical labour.


#8 Depression

Unresolved stress can lead to a person feeling angry or hopeless about something and both of these symptoms leads to depression. If you are sad or struggling with shame, feeling lonely about something you are then having a serious case of depression. When doctors have a look at such health issues they find the cause and effect and come up with the right solution. One of the most dangerous stress-related diseases seen in most cases is depression
which can later lead to death.


#7 Panic Attacks

Like depression, panic attacks have a stress-related connection. People who are suffering from situations that make them feel uneasy may lead to high levels of stress which is the result of a massive breakdown and fear. These attacks can occur due to work stress, marriage issues and many more. In such cases, it is better to consult a counsellor or psychologists to know the root cause.


#6 Alzheimer’s disease

Alzheimer’s disease is another stress-related disease causing a person to lose a lot of their memory leaving a close barrier between the present and the past. Some researchers speculated that reducing the stress would slow down the progression of the disease. It is mostly seen in people who are above the age of 50.


#5 Obesity

Excess fat in the belly poses a greater health risk than fat on the hips or legs and that is people with high stress seems to store it. Stress mainly causes higher levels of hormone says many experts and is the reason for the increase in the amount of fat which is deposited in the abdomen.


#4 Eating disorders

Thousands of people react to stress by following an eating pattern which typically involves sweets or carbohydrate foods that involves quick sugar rush. While this may affect the blood sugar drastically, it is sure to have an aftermath later, often turns much worse later. Following the wrong eating habits might lead to stress problems. In order to avoid this go in for crisp veggies or butter popcorn. Fibre keeps your body even healthier. It is better to follow a balanced diet and lead a stress-free life.


#3 Insomnia

Well, insomnia means simply having a lack of sleep. This is such a disease which leads to long-term effects of stress. It makes people keep awake at night due to anxiety or worry about different things like jobs, family issues which leads to delayed sleep. To overcome this health issues it is better to drink a glass of milk before bedtime and try avoiding caffeine at the most. Make sure that you keep your room cool enough.


#2 Heart Problems

Stress takes a toll on many people due to which most of us land up having heart problems. It can make anyone’s heart palpitate and increase the pulse rate as well as its blood pressure. Major stress levels can increase your blood cholesterol which is why it is recommended to check the blood pressure on a daily basis. It is one such issue that could trigger this stress-related disease.


#1 Diabetes

One of the most common and dangerous health issues caused by stress is out of control blood sugar that leads to diabetes. This stress problem can either come through genes or simply via stress. People with diabetes have to mandatory follow a lifestyle which keeps their blood sugar within their limits. Stress can send the sugar level high or low resulting in the person having an uncontrollable feeling which later might cause that person to go into a coma. Blood sugar check-up is highly recommended if you are a diabetic patient.



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