Top 10 harmful risks of drinking cold water after meals


Drinking enough water is good for our body and health, especially during the summers. During summer we always want to drink some chilled water or chilled beverages. Chilled water or cold fizzy drinks give satisfaction to our stomach and heart too. Many serious problems will occur after drinking chilled water. Many fizzy drinks are designed to be consumed cooled. But you have to be careful and always try not to take any chilled water or drinks after a meal. It is evident that humans like what satisfies them. But they should know that they should avoid the things which are harmful to their health. Because if we do not avoid these things then in future we can suffer from some hazardous disease.

Chilled water produces so many dangerous diseases which can destroy your health system. In this article, you will find 10 harmful things which happened while drinking chilled water after meals. Be tuned with the article so that you can change your schedule.

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So, the following are the top 10 deadly risks of drinking cold water after a meal.

Brain Freeze

Drinking chilled water suddenly can easily cause brain freeze problems. Brain freeze can give migraines and headaches. Drinking chilled or ice-cooled water can hit the palate, which is a severe problem for you. Our brain is very serious about temperature, so we must put our brain in warm conditions. 


Some studies proved that drinking chilled water can cause dizziness. Sudden drinking of cold water decreases the oxygen level of the body. The body can’t adapt to the sudden change of temperature, so our metabolism gets disturbed.


Drinking ice water can boost the vagus nerve, which slows down the heartbeat. The vagus nerve controls the heart. After drinking cold water, the nerve gets unconscious and collapses. As a result, it affects our heart, and our heartbeat slows down.. 

Sore Throat

If you are drinking a lot of cold or ice-chilled water, then you must know this one. Drinking a lot of cold water or stuff can affect your throat. The esophagus tube present in your throat gets infected and inflamed, which sores your throat.

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Excessive Thirst

After drinking cold water, you must feel that you are getting thirsty just after some time. Again we use to drink cold water. The more we drink cold water, the more our bodies get imbalanced. This happens because the cold water loses liquid faster. And getting thirsty again and again indicates that our body is dehydrated. 

Indigestion problems

Drinking cold water exactly after feasts can result in indigestion. As the cold temperatures alter the density of the foods, we have consumed. Chilled water makes the food harder to digest.

Makes a pot belly

During the warming procedure in the abdomen, ice water will be heated up by the presence of fats in the belly. Drinking cold water is repeatedly done. You may have further fat pads.

Double Digestion Process

Our abdomens are designed to absorb foods at a similar temperature to our body. Consuming too cold or hot meals means giving chores for the digestion procedure.

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Lose nutrients

Drinking too cold water would force our body to utilize more stamina to organize and take time to get back to normal, whereas that strength is highly required by the body to consume nutrients and digest food.

Thin intestine

Drinking frigid water will affect the narrowing of the intestinal lining, which causes the devastating method and absorption of nutrition in the intestine to be disturbed.