Top 10 Fascinating Facts About The Vampires


The renowned author Bram Stoker wrote on his Gothic novel Dracula that the ‘Dracula’ is among the most timeless and ageless monsters in literature, and Dracula is the first example of a “classic vampire”— stylish, brooding, and ever-lasting. They always look forward to quenching their thirst with human blood.

Draculas are infamous for seducing young girls and then sucking out their blood. We witnessed this in several movies and the book related to Dracula.

Vampires are known as blood-sucking creatures and are infamous for that and they are very similar to the Draculas.

There are literally thousands of vampire legends since time immemorial. Almost each and every single culture of the earth has some kind of myth about un-dead, blood-sucking creatures that are related to the Vampire mythology.

Anyway, Vampire tales are always fascinating and it is enough to give us goose bumps. In short, there are so many captivating facts about Vampire and I bet these facts will be giving you spine chilling excitement and exhilaration.

Here Are The Top 10 Fascinating Facts About The Vampires Given Below:

Vampire Fact 1:

The word Vampire is derived from the Turkish word of upyr, upper or upior which means witch as per the belief of some people. Some believe that it is a Hungarian word of vampire and some believe it is a Greek word.

Facts About The Vampires

Vampire Fact 2:

In the Oxford English Dictionary the word Vampire makes its first appearance in the English word in 1734, then in a travelogue called Travels of Three English Gentlemen published in The Harleian Miscellany in 1745. Much before that France and Germany also discussed the same.


Vampire Fact 3:

A group of vampires is called in various places known as including a clan, brood, coven, clutch, or a pack.


Vampire Fact 4:

Sometimes Vampire is known as the Count Dracula and the name is the very well known. The word Vampire has been represented as the word Count Dracula in many books as well as gothic novels apart from the scary books and movies. Both words whether it is Count Dracula or Vampire, both represent the blood sucker creature as per mythology.

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Vampire Facts 5:

As per some beliefs, it is to believe it is that the Vampires suck human blood in order to grab a stone table. Different people are having different beliefs about Vampire’s blood-sucking theory and some believe it that people use Celtic for a stone table. It will be put in on the graves with the dolmens.


Vampire Facts 6:

“Porphyria” is a kind of disease and many people called it a Vampire Disease or Disease of Dracula as the symptoms of the disease are just like a Dracula. And in the disease, the patients will face hairiness and sensitivity to the sunlight. In some cases, patients can get mad and have reddish-brown teeth.

Vampire Facts 7:

A vampire is a kind of interesting topic on which much notable film has been ever made. One of the most famous Vampires films was FW Murnau’s epic silent film “Nosferatu”, produced in 1922. Although the first real film about the same topic was “The Secrets of House Number 5”, which is a popular still date.

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Vampire Facts 8:

Dolmen is something that plays a very important role in the theory of something called Vampire. The Dolmen is an ancient rock tombstone which has been found placed over the graves of many suspected Vampires, particularly in areas in and around Northern Europe.

Archaeologists believed that they were set up over the graves to stop the evil spirits rising from the body afterward the death of the Vampire. The monuments look like stone tablets and the weight it is having is just incredible.

Vampire Facts 9:

Do you know Garlic is a simple substance which actually gives us protection from the attack of the Vampires? Well, we all know that Garlic is rich in a compound called Allicin, which is a prominent and proven antibiotic, and Garlic gives us protection from many different kinds of germs and viruses.

Vampire facts showcased that in folklore, people believed garlic would protect them from Vampire attack. That is why, newlywed Brides used to carry the Garlic under their wedding dresses to keep them safe, and sailors believed it would protect them from shipwreck and Vampire attack when they were sailing.


Vampire Facts 10:

Vampire facts tell us that though the first proper mentions of them in the literature we founded in the 18th century, the first true Vampires actually date back to the ancient Babylonians and the year 4000 BC. As per sources, firstly Vampires were known as Ekimmu and were believed to be revengeful and vengeful.

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They were evil spirits who were actually after their death, had not been buried properly and so eventually they escaped to torment and suck the life out of people who were still living.

And it is believed they come back from their grave in the night or midnight in order to attack their victim to satisfy their cravings for the human light but they can’t be seen in the broad daylight as they are unable to face the sunlight on their body. They pass their day time by sleeping.