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Top 15 Eye Care Hospitals in Hyderabad


Nowadays everyone has some or the other problem which is mainly pertaining to their eyes. Eyes are one of the most delicate parts of the human body. We have seen several Eye Care Hospitals in Hyderabad growing mainly due to the increase in problems. The doctor who specializes in eye and visor care is known as an ophthalmologist. They are mainly trained to perform eye exams and diagnose them as well. They also write prescriptions for eyeglasses and treat diseases. As the need of the hour is uncertain we have Made a list of 15 Eye Care Hospitals in Hyderabad that might be useful to many people.

Top 15 Best Eye Hospitals in Hyderabad

#15 Clear Vision Eye Hospital

Clear Vision Eye Hospital is one of the best eye hospitals which is centrally located at Himayat Nagar Hyderabad. Clear Vision Eye Hospital caters all Eye Care needs for 24*7 at affordable prices. Clear Vision Eye Hospital is well equipped with all the latest facilities. The hospital has specialized Eye surgeons trained to deal with all sorts of issues related to eye care. All surgeons are well-trained in premier institutions with considerable experience. All sorts of problems related to eye care cataracts, Lasik Surgeries are done with the expertise.

#14 Refracto Eye Hospitals

Refracto Eye Hospitals is considered one of the best hospitals in the Mehdipatnam area of Hyderabad. Refracto Hospitals offer all kinds of services in the Ophthalmology Segment. Refracto Eye Hospital was established by most experienced and leaders in Ophthalmology. Refracto promises to deliver the most precise vision correction to all visual and eye problems.

The glass removal surgeries and Lasik surgeries are done with the utmost care and with all super specialty services.

#13 Dr. Kiran’s Eye Hospital

Dr.Kiran’s Eye Hospital is one of the best eye hospitals in Hyderabad. The hospital was founded to give satisfied and most-advanced treatment to eye patients. Dr.  Kiran Eye Hospitals is catering to the needs of the eye patients in the city with customized, protected, and high-quality care. Dr. Kiran’s Eye Hospital has made its name with scientific excellence. With the certified team and professional staff, Dr. Kiran’s Eye Hospital stands out among eye hospitals in Hyderabad.

#12 Pranav Eye Care Hospital

Pranav Eye Care Hospital is one of the known and best eye care hospitals in Hyderabad. With excellent services and friendly staff, Pranav eye care hospital provides one of the best facilities in the ophthalmology field in Hyderabad. All services related to eye care provided at affordable prices. Services like B-scan, topography and regular eye0-check is done with diligence by the expert doctors.

#11 Drishti Eye Hospital

Drishti Eye Hospital works with the vision of promoting eye care among communities. Drishti Eye Hospital is known for its diligence to work tirelessly in the field of ophthalmology. The hospital is equipped with top-notch eye-surgeon to provide treatment to patients. The highest quality of treatment is given in the hospital to all sections of the society. You can have the same-day appointment or just walk-in to have a treatment from the specialist as walk-ins are welcome in the Drishti Eye Care Hospital.

#10 Challa Eye Care Hospital

Located in Banjara Hills this is one of the best Eye specialists in Hyderabad and the most leading in Cataract Surgery. One of the first eye hospitals in the state to perform Phaco surgery Sub 1mm for cataract, implantation surgeries, and Co-axial micro cataract surgeries. Even the visitors could see what is happening inside the operation theatre for their beloved ones

#9 Center for Sight, Hyderabad

Centre for Sight eye care hospital was established in the year 2002 and is one of the leading eye care hospitals in Hyderabad. This center is mainly led by S Sachdev, an opthalmologist, and has been one of the Top 10 eye care Hospitals in Hyderabad for its kind centric values, patient care, compassion, and health-related care services. They had won the award for Operational Excellence in the private sector in 2012. Centre has the best team of 145 doctors from the top institutions in the country.

#8 Sree Netralaya Eye Hospital and Laser Center

Sree Netralaya Eye hospital centre located at Dilshukhnagar and Kothapet which is in the heart of Hyderabad city is an ISO certified centre for ophthalmic care. This hospital offers the number of Ophthalmology services like

Sree Netralaya Eye hospital is an ISO certified centre for ophthalmic care located at Dilsukhnagar and Kothapet, the heart of Hyderabad city. The hospitals offer many Ophthalmology services like Glaucoma Services, Corneal topography, Laser Refractive Surgeries and daycare surgery

#7 Sarojini Devi Eye Care Hospital

This hospital has a 550-bed capacity and is considered to be the best eye care hospital in Hyderabad. This hospital is managed by the government and is mainly divided into subspecialties such as the department of a retina, department of glaucoma. This Eyecare Hospital has nine clinical units.

#6 Max Vision Superspeciality Eyecare    Hospitals

These Superspeciality hospitals is a leading innovative state of the art Eyecare and is considered to be the oldest in Hyderabad. Established in the year 1991, this hospital offers the latest treatment services for cataract, Glaucoma, Retinal and corneal problems.The Hospital has many features like diagnostics and surgery, Vision Care Technology and optical contact lens shop is one of the main features of this hospital

#5 Apollo Eye Care Centre

This Eye care centre at Apollo hospitals is one of the finest centres in India that offers comprehensive patient care to those who have eye problems. Their unit is capable of checking out different types of eye problems such as eye injuries and cosmetic procedures. They have the best surgical suites where they perform their surgeries to correct refraction problems such as lens exchange and cataract surgeries.

#4 Vasan Eye Care

Situated in multiple locations in Hyderabad this is one of the leading chains of eye care hospitals in Hyderabad. It offers specialized care that mainly focuses on needs of the patient and specific treatment for eye conditions.The services offered here are oculoplasty services, neuro-ophthalmology and glaucoma services.

#3 L.V. Prasad Eye Institute

This Institute is located in multiple cities of India mostly in Hyderabad and Vishakapatnam. These are NABH accredited. Established in the year 1987 this hospital is located in Banjara Hills, which is the main campus. It also serves as a WHO collaborative centre. They offer excellent patent care, sight enhancement and eye health care to the rural people. This institute has served over 21.3 million patients, with most of them receiving free of cost treatment.

#2 Sri Shankara Nethralaya

Situated in Miyapur Sri Shankara Nethralaya is one of the Top 10 Eye care hospitals in Hyderabad. Established in the year 2009 this hospital functions with the mission to protect and bring back the treasure of sight that is gifted by nature through their eye care services.Also known for its technology, advanced procedures and skilled surgeons.The hospital has services like LASIK surgeries, Squint surgeries etc.

#1 Win Vision Eye Hospitals

Win Vision Eye hospitals offer the highest quality of eye care, through the most skilled and expert ophthalmologists and with state of the art technology through various practices. These Specific eye care services that are offered in the hospital include LASIK surgeries, corneal treatments, pediatric ophthalmology. The hospital has a team of experienced doctors that are committed to providing the best eye care along with ethical practices.



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