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Top 10 Conspiracy Theories Of All Time


The world is full of insane conspiracy theories surrounding us and if stumbled upon such an article, one cannot help but read all of them and wonder what might be true and what not.

So, here a few of the craziest of the conspiracy theories of all time:

  1. Hitler survived his suicide:

The fact is widely known that after the World War 2 came to an end, and as the German Dictator saw the Allies closing in all around him, he locked himself in his bunker and committed suicide along with his wife Eva Braun. The fact can be believed easily because many of the ministers closest to Hitler have been reported delivering statements that indicate that Hitler was too proud to ever leave Berlin. And that is why Hitler killed himself, but did he really? Because various sources have claim that they witnessed him fleeing to Argentina. In fact the drivers and maids in his house in Argentina claim that it was him they served, but kept quiet to save their lives. Documents have also been found indicating that Hitler in fact settled in Argentina with his wife and had two daughters there. Historians worldwide disregard this theory due to lack sustainable proof, but enough proof has been found to not ignore this theory entirely and keep the conversation completely.

  1. The land of the twins:

From one Nazi to another, these theories don’t seem to stop. Josef Menglele was a German physician, who was assigned the task by Fuhrer to increase the birthrate of Aryan by genetically Studying how twins took birth. Hundreds of unnamed twins were brought from all over Europe into Menglele’s camp for him to study. Some say that he was successful in doing so, just not in Germany but in a small town of Brazil, where he continued to visit when war was nearing it’s end. This is the same town where, later, one out of five births resulted in twins. While historians are largely in disbelief that Menglele succeeded, a number of geneticists believe that Menglele had fair chances of succeeding.

  1. The Lost Cosmonauts:

We all know that Yuri Gagarin was the first ever astronaut to travel into outer space. But what if he was the first ever astronaut to travel into space and survive? Historians believe that he was not the first cosmonaut to be sent into space. Allegedly, the Soviet Union sent at least two spacecrafts into outer space before the Vostok 1, but both were filed missions and no one was rescued life. The Government prevented this information from going public for obvious reasons, but after the fall of the USSR, some states revealed secrets documents indicating towards these missions, but enough amount rock solid proof can still not be found.

  1. MH3710 Actually Landed:

The Malaysian flight MH370, rumored to have been vanished into thin air actually landed somewhere. A number of theories have surfaced regarding the mysterious disappearance of the plane since 2014. One of them claims that the plane was actually trying to avoid detection and land on a US Military base – Diego Gacria in Indian ocean. Analysts say that the plane was shot down as it was assumed to be hostile, but the FBI clearly denies it. But the lack of any explanation from the Government definitely raises suspicions.

  1. Shakespeare didn’t write all his plays:

Some theories have arrived that William Shakespeare was just as fictional as all his plays. The greatest playwright of all time maybe did exist but English Historians claim that not all his plays were written by him. According to them, Shakespeare was just a pen name used by various writers of the time. These theories have risen due to the lack of convincing evidence like autobiographies and solid proof Shakespeare’s existence.

  1. Water Fluoridation to control Humans:

Fluoride in water helps to strengthen human teeth, but it does much more than that. According, to some people, the Government adds fluoride in the water to control people. Studies have reported that fluoride is shown to trigger depression and wait gain in the population. Chemists have declared that anyone who has drank fluorinated water for more than a year will never be the same again and that it causes fluorosis, which means slowly eating away of the enamel on the teeth.

  1. Global Warming is a Hoax:

As ridiculous as it sounds, a number if people still believe that global warming is a hoax. That global warming is a myth formulated by the Government to keep the population in a state of constant fear and panic. And that the reason of rise in the Earth’s temperature is actually cause by which global warming pollution emitted into the atmosphere by heavy machinery operated by the Government, which it keeps hidden from the people.

  1. Roosevelt Knew About Pearl Harbor:

This theory suggests that the president at that time Franklin D. Roosevelt had received intelligence from Japan that an attack was going to take place. This delicate of piece of intelligence was deliberately kept hidden from the agencies. The president did this as despite of heavy protests in the U.S., he needed a way to enter his troops into the World War 2.

  1. Most World Leaders are Reptilians:

A rather crazier one among these, this one suggests that the most influential leaders of the worlds are in fact Lizard Peoples. According to researchers travelling to different countries, Reptilians are a predator race that takes the form of a reptile man when feeding off of humanity. Some people have claimed to have seen people turn into reptiles and change back into humans, in seconds and sometimes the change lasts for even days. The theory suggests that the race feeds on human fear and that is why most of the terror attacks are actually inside jobs to keep the humans scared.

  1. New World Order:

NASA is believed to have allegedly been creating a new world order using organized religion as it’s major weapon. According to this theory, all the major organizations of the world, Including the Illuminati are trying to create an apex authoritarian Government where the people are guided by sole beliefs and the core knowledge is kept by a selected group of Elite. The objective would be to keep the population in check through fear based propaganda and overlook all the major institutions such as the United Nations and the World Bank.



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