Top 10 common breakfast that are making you gain weight


Most people do not know about the foods that cause weight gain. If you consume some foods, then you tend to gain weight. Sometimes it depends on the body of the person. If some people consume this, they feel weight gain, while on the other side, when people consume it, they look constant. Even sometimes, gaining weight is the most challenging work in comparison to losing weight. In this article, you will meet with the name of some foods that help in weight gain. 

#1. Milk

Milk is the best one to consume because it helps in gaining weight. It also helps in building your muscles. It contains some nutrients like protein, calcium, minerals, and some vitamins responsible for making your body fit. Since childhood, we are learning that milk is a complete food. It is so because it contains all the nutrients. Try to consume one glass of milk in the morning and night too. 

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#2. Rice

The other one is rice, which also helps in gaining weight. No doubt, rice is one of the low-cost carb sources. According to one of the well-known informative sites, 1 cup of rice provides 44 grams of carbs, 204 calories, etc. After consuming rice, one can quickly obtain the good calories that a human body needs. We can cook it quickly. Even if you need to go somewhere, you can cook in the microwave in just two minutes. There are too many ways we can cook in a rush. With rice, you can make scrambled eggs, which add up with more protein. 

#3. Nuts and nut butter

If you wish to gain weight, one option is you can consume nuts and nut butter. You should know that just ¼ cup of almonds are in your diet and provide proper amounts of calories. Do you know how many calories it holds? It holds approx 170 calories along with 4 grams of fiber, 15 grams of healthy fats, and 6 grams of proteins. This data can help you calculate how much benefit it will have on your overall health. You can make any recipe of it but keep in mind that you do not have to add extra sugar and oil. 

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#4. Potatoes

According to its importance, can say that it holds the king position in vegetables. It is so because we add potatoes with all vegetables. Like rice, it is also very affordable. It is a starchy food that contains a good amount of calories. There are so many recipes for potatoes that make you feel tasty, and it will also be healthy for your diet. 

#5. Dried fruit

Dried fruits contain micronutrients, and it is a high-calorie snack. There are dried fruits that contain higher amounts of sugar and that are responsible for gaining weight. A lot of fiber is found in dry fruits. It contains antioxidants too. If you consume it with high protein foods, then it will help more in gaining weight.