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Top 10 Childhood Myths About CINEMA


Cinema is something which is very fascinating and it’s actually enthralled the spectators’ or the audiences throughout generations to generations. But cinema is the crucial part anyway; it is actually from the virtual world it has no connection with the real world.

Still it is seems like real world, we all of us are aware of the cinema charisma but during our childhood days we were not aware of the same. As in the time of our kid hood when we watched cinema, we did not realised that these all scenarios are the myth or what, contrast we thought all of them to be the real ones.

I bet all of you gone through these dilemmas during your childhood days while watching cinema and interesting nobody were able to solve our queries on that time.

Anyway, here are the top 5 childhood myths about cinema:

How the people from cinema look flawless on screen!

How the people from cinema changed dress in a single song sequence!

Is the hero and heroines of the reel-life are the real life couple too!Are the people from cinema use wash-room!

How girl can became pregnant without marriage!

How a single hero can beat so many goons at the same time!

Is onscreen heroes are off-screen heroes too!

Onscreen villain must be mischief in off-screen too!

Is they die in real life too when they die in the cinema!

How they enter on our television set, I guess there must be any passage!



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