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Top 10 Cars Made in Italy


Top 10 Cars Made in Italy: Luxury comes in many forms, and one of them is the cars. The glittering exteriors, the aerodynamics-inspired body design, the plush and comfortable interiors, the breakthrough technology that allows the car to speed up in a matter of seconds, are features that make the Ferrari and Lamborghini a dream object for many. And you get all this in the cars made in Italy.

Every Italian car is a manifestation of the artistic excellence and engineering skills. Here are the ten best cars from Italy.

  • Ferrari California

Ferrari California combines the sporty spirit with the sublime elegance of Italian art.  The technological innovation integrated into this fast car makes it unique, in terms of the turbocharged V8 engine. The California combines the superior engine qualities and unmatched performance, along with reduced fuel consumption and fuel emission rate.

  • Ferrari F430 Spyder

This Italian car is incomparable when it comes to reliability and speed, let alone the amazing looks of the automobile. When you drive this model people would stop to take a look at the vehicle, to appreciate its streamlined body and to hear the soft roaring sound that emanates from it. The fast acceleration makes the car the favorite of all men who swear by the word indulgence.

  • Maserati MC 12

The limited-edition sports car is a two-seater that you would rarely see on the road. There are only 50 Maserati MC 12 in the world. This special edition racing car, built on the chassis of Enzo Ferrari, is larger, wider, and longer than the Enzo. The fast acceleration offers a higher top speed and a superior braking capacity, which makes it an ideal sports car.

  • Lamborghini Murcielago LP640

This is the ultimate when talking about luxury cars, and it also provides you the additional advantage of speed.  The Murcielago is an updated version of the original coupe produced in 2001.  This sports model,   powered by the Lamborghini V12 engine is a pride possession for any person. With no more models under this name in production lines, there are around 4000 cars worldwide, and you will surely like to have one.

  • Alfa Romeo 159

If you land up on a black Alfa Romeo 159, you are sure to fall in love with the car. This stylish beauty is sure to sweep you off your feet, and you would never want to part ways with it. The executive car received the European Car of the Year award in 2006, is no longer produced, but is still available for sale worldwide.  The V-shaped grill and bonnet and high waistline are some design features that make the car appear larger. The high-quality material in the interiors gives it a classy look.

  • Fiat Tempra

You would love to go for a ride with your loved ones in this small family car. The car produced initially for the Brazilian Markets, first hit the automobile market as a saloon and later as a station wagon.  A two-door coupe version of the car is also available.  Diesel run and petrol-run models are available. If you are a speed freak, go for the turbocharged petrol version.

  • Fiat Panda

The fuel efficient Fiat Panda is a model that uses the twin-air engine, to provide you an economical way to move around the city in this spacious car. The car, now in its third generation, is a global favorite. This simple utility vehicle has no-frills and offers ease of maintenance.

  • Fiat 500

This sturdy, small and good looking car gives you a taste of Italian style that is typical of any Fiat model. The car is available in the old and retro versions. You may like to have the fast Abarth that has all the features of a modern and safe vehicle, packed in the toy car look.

  • Lamborghini Gallardo

Gallardo is the best-selling model of a sports car manufactured by Lamborghini. The sports car is available in 2-door coupe and 2-door roadster body styles. Two choices of transmissions are available in this vehicle, one a 6-speed manual transmission and the other a 6-speed E-gear robotized version. The changes introduced in 2006 model, increased the engine power.  The lower gearing gives extra power to the car and makes it speedier.

  • Lamborghini Diablo

The Diablo is a dreamcome true, for a sports car driver who looks for style, speed, and precision of control. This sports car offers a top speed of 325kph, and you can raise the acceleration from 0-100 within a matter of 4.5 seconds. The look of the car satisfies an artist as well as an engineer. Going through evolution for eleven years, the super sports car leaves nothing more to ask for.

Utility and Safety

The continuous advancement of technology and the increasing demand for safety, speed, and beauty in the vehicles leads manufacturers to build better cars that are nothing less than engineering marvels.   You may like many of them, but going for the one that will fulfill your requirements, will appeal to your senses and offers you the safety that is essential for any driver is the right decision.



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