Top 10 Cars in India


Our car is our ‘freedom.’ We love it, we cherish every moment with it. When you have a car it literally means there is no end. It is a bird without wings. Oh, wait! Does that make sense? Umm.. Why not? It gives everything, it gives you the attitude and standard like nothing else. The roads can end but the speed or the joy at that moment that we get when we drive it, that is endless! The blowing wind and the music you play can certainly make your day, it can sooth you like nothing else in the world. Everyone love owning a car either for luxury or pleasure. So let us check the list behold top 10 cars in India that values your money and comfort as well as best on Indian roads.

i20 Active:


This car is certainly built to make you adventurous. If you are the one who dare to escape day to day routine lifestyle, then this is the best companion to keep you active. It has dual front airbags, 7-inch touchscreen audio, and video navigation system with pre-located maps, and rear camera display. 



Maruti Suzuki has broken the long days we eagerly-awaited for the premium hatchback. It is a wonderful looking car with “Liquid Flow” design language. This car has become one of the favorite for Indians because of its stylish outlook and classy interior. Baleno has launched at an introductory price of Rs 4.99 lakh. It also features swept-back headlamps, an air dam with horizontal slats, a V-shaped honeycomb grille, blackened A, B and C-pillars, and a roof-mounted rear spoiler

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Vitara brezza:



No one can disagree the fact that SUV will suit best for sports. Have you ever paused in front of it and wondered how the sports world has changed today? Vitara brezza is the heart throb for all the Indians with its dual color is eye-catching. Now my people in India, be ready to play the game. Because you look better when you play harder!



Mahindra knocked the customers again by introducing Novosport to us. Previously, the style of any Mahindra car for almost all the models used to be the same. But Novosport is the stylish model as this model is completely equipped with Kenwood music system, navigation, Bluetooth, USB and AUX connectivity, cruise control, steering mounted controls, etc. This is a wonderful car for who loves travelling.



Kwid is the cutest Indian car ever launched by Renault. Kwid is performing very well and it had beaten the expectations it’s by it’s outstanding performance. The muscular front end flows accentuated by turn indicators are certainly heart throbbing. Renault now launched Kwid with 1ltr engine and we still are eagerly expecting the launch of Kwid AMT.

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Swift is one of the best performing  top 10 cars in India from Maruti Suzuki and people who are fans of sports car are literally in love with it. Because it is designed in such a way that people who own it can be a  show stopper. The new Swift broke all its previous records in its style quotient. With an elegant and athletic design. It has taken Indian cars to the next level.



This is one of the latest hatchbacks from our Indian carmaker, Tata. This has crafted with a brand new design and beat all the designs of the previous cars built by Tata. Since AMT is gaining its own popularity in India, Tiago has also decided to make one first with the diesel engine followed by the petrol.

TUV 300:

TUV 300

We can definitely say that this is the stylish SUV among the Indian SUV cars. This is the definition of the power as well as strength. This is one of the toughest looking vehicles that can intimidate any cars in India. It has high ground clearance with the raised shoulders. No doubt! This is one of the best off-road cars.

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This is certainly a promising car in performance as well as in mileage. The new aerodynamic design gives it a beautiful sporty look and it is the bestseller in the Indian market and ne of the favorite car among us. It still has a long way to go!

Grand i10:

Grand i10

Unlike the rest of the cars, this Grand i10 from Hyundai gives great pleasure and comfort while driving. It is cheap and luxurious. Even though the first generation model didn’t go well in India, Hyundai managed to design and gave us one of the best of their cars. And they are now preparing themselves for a new and better car with all new features.