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Top 10 Call Center Outsourcing Companies in India


The call center is an organization responsible for handling telephone calls of the client from the customers and serving them through the phone. BPO is responsible for performing a  process or part of a process  of other company. Many Multinational companies depend on call center outsourcing companies in India for better services and optimum costs. Maintenance of call center outsourcing companies is cheap compared to countries like USA, UK, and some European countries. Numerous companies opt for cheaper destinations like India save on costs or gain in productivity.

The Top 10 Call Center Outsourcing Companies in India are as follows :

1.Genpact Limited :

Genpact is the leader in the BPO business which manages business operations with a network of 30 stations in 9 countries. It offers services a wide range of services with different modules.  This leading BPO firm was born in 1997 and has more than 60 thousand employees. This company is headquartered in Gurgaon, Haryana and generating a revenue of $503 million.

2.Tata Consultancy  services BPO :

TCS offers services like consulting and Business outsourcing with a wide spread across the world.It has acquired some BPO firms like AFSI, Citi group,PHonenix global solutions,Comricon which increased its business generating a revenue share in $16.54 billion of the company total revenue.

3.Aegis Limited :

 This company would help you to win with the problems you face and also try the fullest that you don’t face any problem  in the first place. This company has 43 location in many countries including India, United Kingdom, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Peru, Australia, Argentina, Malaysia, and Sri Lanka with a maximum strength of more than  40,000 employees.

4.Wipro BPO :

This Leading IT firm even offers Business process outsourcing to several companies around the world. It has a network in India and Europe offering services in various domains. This company emerged as a leader in this market by acquiring ” Spectramind”.This division  is  headed by TK Kurien

5.First source solution Ltd :

Previously, This company was known as ICICI One Source and started with ICICI bank. Presently it is part of RP-Sanjiv Goenka Group generating a good revenue of $ 328 million and headed by Sanjiv Goenka.

It has services include Banking, Insurance, Telecom, Media and Healthcare sectors with a network present in India, US, UK, Ireland and the Philippines.

6.Aditya Minacs Limited :

This company was founded in 1981 but was later acquired by Aditya Birla group. It is headquartered in Oshawa, Canada with diverse services like manufacturing, banking telecom, insurance, etc. It generates an overall revenue of $512 million.

7.WNS Global Services :

This company is a global Business process outsourcing firm with a revenue of  $503 million. It offers services with 42  stations across the world in India, USA,China, Costa Rica, Poland, Philippines.

Its clients are primarily in the modules of  travel, banking, financial services, insurance services , healthcare , retail and consumer product industries.

8.EXL services :

This company main office is located in New York, United States with Rohit Kapoor as its CEO. this company was founded By Rohit Talwar and Vikram Talwar in 1999. It also offers other IT services with BPO as its important partner.

9.Infosys BPO Limited :

Infosys BPO Ltd is  a subsidiary of Infosys Technologies and named as leading Business Outsourcing company by the NASSCOM. This Company focuses on high integrated end to end outsourcing in India, the Czech Republic, China, Philippines, Poland, Bangkok, Mexico. The headquarters is located in the Electronic City of Banglore with Anantha Radhakrishnan acting as it’s CEO & MD.

10.Serco Global services Limited :

This leading BPO is headquartered In Gurgaon, It’s BPo business is now acquired by Blackstone, an American Firm.




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