Top 10 best vodka brands in the world


Whether you’re a lightweight, heavyweight or you don’t drink at all; you definitely would have found yourself in a conversation about alcohol, with that all too familiar question “What’s your poison?” Regardless of your answer, this article should provide you with at least one vodka doused arrow in your quiver.

Vodka is distilled water and ethanol, mixed with little impurities or flavorings. These flavors range from fruity flavors, vanilla, and chocolate to savories like red pepper and ginger. If you’re worried about getting a beer belly but also want a good buzz, then vodka is the drink for you, hard liquor with a low-calorie count what more would you need.
Know that you know the basics, here’s a list of the top ten best vodka brands in the world to further sharpen that arrow.


Top 10 Vodkas in the World:

#10. Grey Goose.

Country of Origin: France.

Year of Origin: 1997.

Best for: Drinking Raw.

Made from: Winter Wheat and Natural Spring Water.

Price: ₹4150.00 (1L).

Grey goose

From the 17th Century manor where it was created to its distinctive bottle art with the geese. Grey goose is smooth and can be enjoyed without any mixers. It can also be appreciated as a cocktail, maybe a Grey Goose Martini? If you want to come across as a Grey Goose savant, may be mentioned the citrus undertone the liquor holds.


#9. Skyy Vodka

Country of Origin: United States of America.

Year of Origin:1992.

Best for: Cocktails.

Made from: American Grains and Water.

Price: ₹2250 (1L).

Skyy Vodka

Skyy Vodka was created with the aim to have better martinis, which makes complete sense since the best way to enjoy this liquor is by making cocktails. It has a sweet clean neutral taste, but when compared to richer drinks like Zubrowka it could be considered a little dry. It’s a reasonably smooth vodka, for not that high a price.

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#8. Magic Moments.

Country of Origin: India.

Year of Origin: 2004.

Best for: It’s price and availability.

Made from: Grain.

Price: ₹850 (1L).

Magic Moments


Magic Moments Vodka is one of the most famous vodka brands majorly because it is triple distilled, creamy and renowned for its plethora of flavors ranging from ginger and lemongrass, chocolate, apple, lemon, orange, and raspberry. It has a clean fresh and neutral aroma of the grain spirit, a delicate, creamy and neutral taste on the palate and a crisp short finish. It assures a moment of magic with every sip.


#7. Cîroc

Country of Origin: France.

Year of Origin:2003.

Best for: Array of Flavours.

Made from: Grapes.

Price: ₹3700 (1L).


Jean- Sebastian created Cîroc in ’03, born following generations of great wine distillers, distilling was apparently in his blood. Cîroc, unlike most vodka brands, is made with French grapes. Their wide array of flavors ranging from Apple, Red Berry, French Vanilla, Mango, Pineapple, Peach, Coconut and Summer Colada. Along with their characteristics, they also have cocktail recipes tailored with various flavors that assures a burst of flavors.


#6. Beluga.

Country of Origin: Russia.

Year of Origin:2002.

Best for: Drinking Straight.

Made from: Barley Malt.

Price: ₹3690 (1L).

Beluga Vodka

Beluga is a Russian Vodka drink that has a beautiful crisp and sharp taste, which makes it perfect to have it raw. It is unique in the way it is created as it is brewed from Barley Malt and water from Siberian artisan wells. It is triple distilled, and after it is left to rest for thirty days. The water from these Siberian artisans well makes up 60% of the drink’s unique formula. The creators suggest making a Beluga Russian Porto to enjoy this drink truly. It is considered to be as one of the most unique and best vodka in the world

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#5. Belvedere

Country of Origin: Poland.

Year of Origin:1993.

Best for : Finest Quality.

Made from: Dankowskie Rye.

Price: ₹4250. (1L)


Belvedere is a polish vodka brand that has a very collective mindset; the Belvedere red limited edition bottles support the Global Fund that helps fight HIV/AIDS in Africa. The Vodka itself is contained in a beautiful container depending on its flavors and the limited editions. Belvedere means “beautiful to see” well, it is also beautiful to taste. This vodka drink is a faint hint of vanilla, along with a very creamy rich texture.


#4. Stolichnaya.

Country of Origin: United States of America

Year of Origin:1938.

Best for: Cocktails.

Made from: Wheat and Rye Grain.

Price: ₹2080. (1L)



This Vodka is strong! If you’re into strong liquor, this drink is a must-have. It is quadruple filtered and double distilled, which gives it the pure, strong taste. This drink is best served along with lemonade or sparkling water. Stoli has held the bar high for vodka from 1938, and it hasn’t relented yet.


#3. Crystal Head Vodka

Country of Origin: Canada.

Year of Origin:2008.

Best for : Purity.

Made from: Peaches and Cream Corn with pristine Water.

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Price: ₹5990.

Crystal Head Vodka

The first thing that captures your eye when you look at Crystal Head is its quirky eccentric and insanely cool bottling. The creators say that the skull was created with pure intentions and that it represents a symbol of life, that symbolizes power and enlightenment. This vodka contains absolutely zero additives which means that it has nothing to improve or veil the taste.


#2. Smirnoff

Country of Origin: Russia.

Year of Origin:1864.

Best for: It’s Price and Taste.

Made from: Corn.

Price: ₹ 1400.00 (1L)


Smirnoff is the widest sold liquor, distributed in 130 countries around the world. Smirnoff is a gluten-free, charcoal filtered vodka. Smirnoff has 35 different flavors! Smirnoff managed to sell his vodka to Tsar. Yes, the drink was named after its creator Pyotr Smirnov. Smirnoff contains 35-50% alcohol.


#1. Absolut

Country of Origin: Sweden.

Year of Origin:1979

Best for : Affordable rate, flavors, and taste.

Made from: Winter Wheat

Price: ₹4070.00


Absolut is quirky, and it is proud of it. Andy Warhol is responsible for most of their ads and the tone that it portrays. They are eco-friendly and recycle their bottles. Their distillation of the winter wheat creates a byproduct called stillage that is used to feed 290000 cows and pigs in the areas around the distillery. It is synonymous with art, culture, nightlife, and music. Its range of flavors are definitely what everyone who drinks should experience at least once. It’s smooth, mellow, crisp and yet sophisticated. Its rich and full-bodied with a hint of the distilled grain and dried fruit.