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Top 15 Best Health Insurance Companies in Hyderabad


Best Health insurance is an insurance that completely covers you and your family at the time of medical emergencies by paying for the number of expenses that has incurred during the treatment. The insured has to pay the premium as per the plan that is selected and the cumulative amount is paid during the medical contingency. It is called a Medi claim. It acts as a tax-saving tool by providing tax under section 80D.

But before we talk about health insurance companies, let us learn What are 25 most important parameters or key things to choose a plan that you must check/compare while taking any health insurance policy. They are:

  1. Individual Coverage
  2. Floater coverage
  3. Total Coverage
  4. Premium
  5. In-patient treatment
  6. Hospital Accommodation
  7. Pre & Post hospitalisation expenses
  8. Domiciliary Hospitalisation
  9. Health Relationship Loyalty
  10. Vaccination (in case of animal bite)
  11. Day Care Procedures
  12. Organ Donor
  13. Maternity Cover
  14. Waiting Period
  15. Specific Waiting Period
  16. Top-up plan on an annual aggregate basis
  17. The ratio of claims and disbursal
  18. The average time is taken for disbursal
  19. Is there an engagement of TPA of direct?
  20. New Born Baby Cover
  21. Health check-up
  22. Emergency Ambulance
  23. AYUSH (In-patient treatment is taken)
  24. Hospital Cash per day
  25. Pre-Existing Diseases

We have highlighted the above factor & we have come up with the list of Top 15 Best Health insurance companies in Hyderabad.

Top 15 Best Health Insurance Policy Provider Companies in Hyderabad Near Me.

#15 Good Health TPA Services Ltd.

Good Health Insurance TPA Limited is one of the largest Third Party Administrators across the country licensed. It is licensed by Insurance regulatory and development authority. The health insurance by Good Health covers over 4,50,000 lives. Good Health Insurance TPA Limited helps its customers to get various services like:

  •  Selection of specialists, selection of hospitals
  • Hassle-free cashless accessibility
  • Negotiations in discounting tariffs with network hospitals
  • Minimization of hospital claims

#14 Paramount Health Services Pvt. Ltd.

Paramount Health Services Pvt. Ltd is a well-known name in Hyderabad in the field of health insurance. Many state government hospitals are impaneled under the Paramount Health Insurance cover. Paramount Health Services and Insurance TPA Pvt. Ltd. along with insurance companies partners with various State Government for implementation of healthcare facilities in the time of emergencies.

#13 Bharati AXA General Insurance Company Limited

Bharati and AXA enterprises are the leading groups in the insurance sector for many years. Bharati AXA Health Insurance provides the services in a wide range like ashless Hospital, Claim Assistance, PAN India Network Hospital. With the medical cover of Bharati AXA health insurance, you will get avail of quality healthcare facilities without bearing medical expenses in the time of emergency. 

Services offered:

  • Pre and post-hospitalization of 60 days and 90 days
  • Restoration of the sum insured up to 100%
  • Organ donor expenses covered up to sum insured
  • No- claim bonus up to 100% Sum Insured

#12 HDFC ERGO General Insurance Company Limited

HDFC ERGO has a tie-up with highly facilitated hospitals in Hyderabad. HDFC ERGO is a renowned name in the insurance sector across the country. There are two branches of HDFC ERGO insurance in Hyderabad. Some of the hospitals under the insurance cover are Beams hospitals Pvt Ltd., Bhavya Hospital, Basant Sahney Hospital, Axon Hospitals, and Olive Hospital, etc. In total there are 228 hospitals tied-up in the insurance cover of HDFC ERGO. It has two branches in Hyderabad. 

#11 Aditya Birla Health Insurance Limited

Aditya Birla Health Insurance company is a well-known health provider among insurance complain sin Hyderabad. It provides everything which can be beneficial for your health and wealth in times of emergencies. It provides the pre-policy medical check-up which is a good sign of the utility of this insurance cover.

#10 Oriental Insurance Company Limited

Oriental general insurance is a government-owned insurance company that offers a completely different range of health insurance products in Hyderabad. Situated in Kukatpally this company has many branches in parts of Hyderabad. The impressive part about Oriental health insurance is that it has a pre-policy medical test until the age of 60 years whereas otherwise, it is compulsory for other health insurance providers to get a medical examination done below the age of 45.

#9 Bajaj Allianz Insurance Company

This insurance company is considered to be one of the best health care insurance companies in Hyderabad. It has some health products that are very beneficial for customers of a particular age group. The major health insurance products are Health Guard, Silver Health, and Star package. It was the first company to provide captive TPA services with additional benefits.

#8 National Insurance Company Limited

It is a full government entity, that has been serving its customers for over a century and provides complete health insurance coverage. It had a claim ratio of 110% for the year 2014-15. The best product offered by the National Insurance Company is Varisththa Mediclaim that has coverage for senior citizens.

#7 Religare Health Insurance Company

Situated in Begumpet, this insurance company is one of the top health insurance companies in Hyderabad that has shown tremendous growth in a very short amount of time, because of which it has turned out to create a benchmark in the insurance market of Hyderabad. It is promoted by Fortis Hospitals.

#6 Cigna TTK Health Insurance Company

This health insurance company is a new player that was launched in the year 2014 and immediately had set its place as one of the top 10 health insurance companies in HyderabadIt had an incurred claim ratio of 64.32% for the year 2014-15.

#5 Max Bupa Health Insurance Company

It is one of the best health insurance companies in Hyderabad that is well known for its insurance policies that has many offers for people of different age group. It had a claim ratio of 55.16% for the year 2014-15. It offers different policies for various age group categories.

#4 New India Assurance Company Limited

It is a government-owned entity of India, that has been operating since 1919. This company is very well known for the medical claim policy they offer. The main feature offered under this policy is that it provides different ratings for metros. It had an incurred ratio of 98% for the year 2014-15.

#3 ICICI Lombard General Insurance Company

Another popular player in the industry is the ICICI Lombard Insurance company which has its main product Health Advantage that offers complete coverage for expenses in case of a medical emergency. It covers almost everything i.e cost of hospitalization, dental expenses, and ambulance charges up to a certain limit.

#2 Star Health & Allied Insurance Company

This insurance company is on top for many reasons, mainly because of its house claim settlement procedure to deal with a cashless hospital facility. Situated in Bhoiguda, this insurance company comes up with a different range of products that offer protection to Diabetes and HIV+ patients.

#1 Apollo Munich Health Insurance Company

It has an outstanding record of claim ratio i.e 63.3% for the year 2014-15 and has an additional benefit like portability and lifelong renewability in its health insurance plans. This insurance company is considered as one of the top health insurance companies in Hyderabad.



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