Top 10 Best Chocolate Brands in the World.


I dream myself  being Charlie and  magically  enter  the Chocolate factory to burn all the chocolates in my belly.These delicious chocolates relate even to ancient Greek mythology, which was once used for medication by  Aztecs and called as Xocolatl. This Xocolatl was offered to Gods by the greeks derived from cocoa seeds. Read to know the Best Chocolate brands.

Chocolates still carry as a romantic gift for lovers, which gains special attention during valentines day. These top 10 chocolates contain a magical aroma and create a  luscious feeling  for your taste buds.

Here’s the list of top chocolate brands known for the exquisite taste and flavors :

Taste the list of top 10 chocolates which totally satisfy your tantalizing buds and this heavenly taste leaves you amazed and memorize this wonderful feeling of taste.

#1 – Ferrero Rocher



This leading Chocolate brand has been attracting millions since 1981, These chocolates are beautifully wrapped under a golden paper with delightful wafer balls and creamy chocolate hidden inside as a surprise.

The Quality, Appearance of this Swiss Chocolate had made to top the list.


#2 – Guylian


This Handmade rich Belgium choc makers are customized by the craftsmen depending upon the customer needs. These are globally known for their professional touch with the standardized maneuvers like seashell shape.

#3 – Galaxy



This  leading Chocolate brand owned by “Mars” was founded in 1986 and emerged as popular chocolate in US, UK and the Middle East opening its stores worldwide. The secret delicacy comes from the ripped milk and cocoa mixed with fruity flavors.

#4- Domingo Ghirardelli


They were leading chocolate brand from 1852 which was founded by an Italian craftsman and known for their professional mix of milk and cocoa and adding  some sweet caramel,cool cream to the chocolate.

#5- Patchi


Patchi serves the chocolate fans well with their cocoa ingredients and fresh milk. Their Packages totally attracts the attention and slides interest into their chocolates.

#6 – Mars


Mars is Popular Chocolate brand from a century and still a leading chocolate brand. Their secret ingredients include sweet honey, caramel,  nougat, and almonds. Mars also has subsidiary brands like Snickers – A leading Chocolate.

#7- Toblerone


This Premium Chocolate appears like a cluster of prisms together, They started from Swizterland and currently one of the renowed Chocolate brands around the globe. Their rich texture is made with almonds, honey, nougat and rich cocoa.

#8 – Cadbury


This Leading chocolate Brand has been making delicious bars of chocolates in various forms from the past 200 years.  This best chocolate brand has been increasing its popularity and well known to people of all ages.

#9 – Lindt & Sprungli


This Premium brand has emerged in 1845 in Zurich by  David Sprungli  & Rodolphe Lindt whoc introduced a finest Chocolate to the world. They make a perfect ecstacy by deeply mixing up the fresh milk and cocoa.

#10 – Kit Kat



Begining their operations in 1935, This finger like Chocolate with crunchy wafers can be equally spilt in to parts. The company offers variety of chocolates, deserts and candy.