Top 10 Best Cheapest Street Foods in Kolkata


Sometimes expensive foods or restaurants can be boring and monotonous for you, at that moment cheap street food can come to your rescue and lift your mood up at a very pocket-friendly price.

Here are the top 10 cheapest street food in Kolkata.

1. Phucka

One of the best street foods kolkata serves you is phuchka. A mysterious edible ball stuffed with spicy potato and dipped in tamarind pulp or tetul jol which gives you a taste brust inside your mouth. This deadly combination of salt,spice and sour give us a heavenly feeling .You will find a phuchka wala in every lane of this city,  just take out 10 rupees from your purse and you are good to give yourself a phucka treat.

2. Churmur

Churmur is another cheap and delicious street food and an extended part of the Phucka family. Crushed Phuchka with mashed potato with lots of spice and tamarind pulp can make your churmur tasty and leave you drooling. This tangy and spicy street food is loved by all the generations.

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3. Papri chat

This Indian traditional street food is served with fried wafers commonly know as papri as its name suggests, along with boiled spicy potatoes, peas, yogurt, and chutney and mostly garnished with chat masala and sev.

4.  Bhelpuri

Simple puffed rice can be mouth-watering if spiced up correctly. Bhelpuri is nothing but puffed rice mixed with sev, Chutney,  papri, masala, onion, potato, and tomato. Sometimes dried raw mango is also used to make it tangier.

5. Alu kabli

Boiled diced potato mixed with chutney,  tamarind pulmp, masala, onion, tomato, sev, and lasting garnished with coriander leaves can give you another popular and cheapest street food in Kolkata known as Alu kabli.

6. Ghoti Gorom

Ghoti Gorom is another tasty yet cheap street food available in Kolkata. The simplicity of this food is its USP. Ghoti Gorom is nothing but chanachur or sev spiced up with different masalas, onion, green chili, and dried mango or amra and served hot to people.

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7. Singara/Samosa

Samosa popularly known as singara in Kolkata is one of the cheapest street foods that Kolkata offers you. Singara has a fried triangular outer cover which stuffed with spicy and cooked masala potato. These simple and delicious snacks is very much popular in Kolkata.

8. Alur chop

As its name suggests alur chop is again a spicy potato stuffed deep-fried street food similar to singara but looks.

9. Momo

Momo is another street food that is widely loved in Kolkata. Rabindra Sadan Metro Exit serves one of the best Momos at a reasonable rate. Be it a college student or an office goer everybody gathers there to enjoy the steamed momo with spicy chutney and hot soup.

10. Ghugni

Ghugni is nothing but dried yellow peas which is boiled and cooked with spices and onions. This gravy based ghugni is very much popular at Dacre street in Kolkata.