Top 10 Best Airlines in the world


An airline is a company which provides good air transport services for passengers travelling by air. Airlines utilise aircraft for their mode of transportation to supply services and form partnerships with other airlines for many agreements. There are many airlines around the world that have been top notch for many years. Most of us would have a thrill of always wanting to travel in some of the Best Airlines in the world, well we are just a list away.


Top 10 Airlines in the world

#10 Korean Air

Alliance:- Sky Team

Destinations:- 127

Hubs:- Incheon International Airport, Gimpo International Airport

Korean Air

Korean Air Lines Co Ltd operating as Korean Air is one of the best airlines in the world and also the largest airline and flag carrier of Korea which is based on fleet size and international flights. The staff and the food is something really good to look out for in this airlines.


#9 Qatar Airways

Alliance:- One World

Destinations:- 150+

Hub:- Hamad International Airport

Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways Company which operates as Qatar Airways is the owned flag carrier of Qatar. They follow a motto which says “The greatest in air experience”. They have some of the top class planes with better service.

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#8 Southwest Airlines

Alliance:- Frontier

Destinations:- 100

Hub:- Dallas Love Field

Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines is one of the most major U.S. airlines that is headquartered in Texas and North America’s low-cost carrier. Due to its client satisfaction, it comes in the list of popular airlines. Most of the bookings are very much discounted from its original price.


#7 Azul Airlines

Alliance:- Star Alliance Arlines, United Airlines
Destinations:- 107
Hub:- Viracopos International Airport
Azul Airlines
Azul Airlines is a Brazillian carrier that is based in Barueri which is a suburb of Sao Paulo. The company follows a business model which is stimulated by providing affordable and frequent air service to underserved markets in Brazil.

#6 Eva Air

Alliance:- Star Alliance
Destinations:- 77
Hub:- Taiwan International Airport
Eva Air
Eva Air is a Taiwanese International Airline which is based at Taoyuan Airport near Taipei, operating passenger and it follows very dedicated cargo services for almost 40 international airports. Its subsidiaries are China Cargo Airlines.

#5 Japan Airlines

Alliance:- One World

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Destination:- 92

Hubs:- Haneda Airport, Itami Airport

Japan Airlines

Japan Airlines which is also known as Nikko is the carrier of Japan and is also the second largest in Japan that is followed by All Nippon Airways. It is considered as one of the best airlines in the world. They are considered to have one of the best staffs and services are really world class.

#4 Jet Airways

Alliance:- Alliance Air

Destinations:- 70

Hub:- Bengaluru International Airport, Indira Gandhi International Airport

Jet Airways

Jet Airways is one of the major International airlines that is completely based in Mumbai. It is considered to be as one the second largest airline which is followed by Indigo with a passenger market share of 17.8%. They have provided free meals for many years.


#3 Emirates Airlines

Alliance:- Independent

Destinations:- 90

Hub:- Dubai International Airport

Emirates Airlines

Emirates is an airline which is based in Dubai, UAE. The airline comes under the list of popular airlines in the world and is a subsidiary of the Emirates Group which is owned by Dubai’s government of Investment Corporation. Considered to be as the largest airline in the middle east which operates over 3,500 flights per week.

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#2 Singapore Airlines

Alliance:- Star Alliance

Destinations:- 64

Hub:- Singapore Changi Airport

Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines Limited is a carrier airline of Singapore with its major hub at Singapore Airport. The Airline uses the Singapore girl as its central tag which is seen in most of their corporate brandings. This flight is available for a very reasonable price.

#1 Air New Zealand

Alliance:- Star Alliance

Destinations:- 70

Hubs:- Auckland Airport, Wellington Airport

Air New Zealand

It is the flag carrier airline of New Zealand. This is located in Auckland, it operates scheduled passenger flights to almost 20 domestic and 30 international destinations in almost 19 countries in the United Kingdom. It is considered as one of the best airlines in the world.