Top 10 Automobile Companies in the World.



There are many automobile companies in the world and this market is rapidly changing with technology with varying needs of the general people. We have Classified the ranks of Automobile Companies according to the Forbes list and provided relevant information.

There may be new Players in the market like Tesla but there are some big players still dominating the market.



Toyota always dominated the  automobile industry like a leader. The vehicles they offer are of best quality and has a wide range of options. This global  company has almost all its brands & variants available all over the globe. It has brands like Corolla, Etios, Fortuner, Camry etc under its umbrella.

The company has an excellent record in the world of Motorsport and is a consistent sponsor . Toyota has been one of the consistent sponsors of world sports events, which has strengthened the company for dominance.



Volkswagen is a German brand  and stretched its business all over the world.Volkswagen Group owns the brands  Audi, Bentley, Bugatti,Lamborghini, Porsche, SEAT, Škoda and Volkswagen marques also sells motorcycles under the Ducati brand; and commercial vehicles under the marques MAN, Scania, Neoplan and Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles.

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Many choose this brand over others because of good engineering , affordable price range, and ultimate safety. Volkswagen product portfolio has cars like Vento, Polo, Passat, Jetta etc which have refined engineering. Their unique marketing approach and advertisements have attracted lot of global customers



It was born in Germany and emerged as a global automobile manufacturer.  It owns the world’s renowned brand Mercedes-Benz, A premium luxury brand in the world and symbol of style, class, performance& elegance.It has an employee base of  270,000 around the world. It has excelled in Formula 1 races and a tough competitor.

The company also manufactures best world class trucks. Being a global brand, the company has been effective in advertising and is  a prominent sponsor at global events.



This German automobile giant  is one of the most premium luxury automobile brands in  the world. It also owns MINI cars and Rolls- Royce,  A premium brand. Its unique logo is easily recognized car emblem in the world.

It has strong brand value in the market and employs about 100,000 people world wide. It is a tough global competitor with  most eye-catching marketing and advertising, along with having sponsorship for premium lifestyle events.

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Honda is the  most reliable, affordable and comfortable automobile brands, which have targeted the upper-middle class segment. With Good cars like Honda Civic, Honda CRV, Honda Brio competing in the global market.Honda cars are known for their style, sturdiness, grace, performance, and that too at an affordable price range. This is one of the factors why Honda has become a favorite in the automobile segment, especially the upper-middle class families’ world over.

6.General motors 


This American company is a  consistent market leader in the automobile segment owing to its wide product portfolio. It is maintaining its operations in 120 countries and has 200,000 employees.



This American automobile giant was once the world’s leading brand. It has not maintained its rank due to the competition in the global market, but it is Americas most trusted brand.

It downfall began by selling worlds best brands like Aston Martin, Jaguar, Land Rover and Volvo. It owns a Luxury brand  Lincoln .

8.Nissan motors :


Japanese automobile manufacturer Nissan motors have brands like Datsun,Infiniti and Nissan under parent organization Renault.

Apart from cars, the company also has extensive production of automotive parts and engines. The effort has been taken to market the brand globally, and hence innovative advertising has made the brand presence even more noticeable.

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9.Hyundai motors


Based in South Korea, It manages its global operations with HQ in Seoul, South Korea. It employs about 75,000 people across the globe. It also engages in  manufacture and distribution of motor vehicles and parts.  Apart from automobile business it also owns other financial firms. It has a Luxurious brand “Genesis”.

10. SAIC


This Chinese Motor Corporation is the leading  automobile manufacturer in their country and  this state-owned firm was started in 1940’s. It’s has a workforce of approximately 

It’s has a workforce of approximately 150,000. SAIC has some exclusive brands which include Maxus, MG, Roewe, and Yuejin. It has collaboration units with Baojun, Buick, Chevrolet, Iveco, Skoda, Volkswagen and Wuling.