Tips To Celebrate Long-Distance Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Week is about to start, and already the air is beginning to smell full of love. However, social distancing is killing joy, especially for those who are in a long-distance relationship. But don’t let the pandemic keep you away from your love. Here are some tips for celebrating long-distance Valentine’s Day this year.

1. Movie Marathon:

Thanks to cheap internet and video calling apps like Skype, Zoom, and Google Meet, this is possible. You can order your favourite food, get over a zoom call and watch a series of your favourite movies all day. Why just movies, watch web series on Netflix or Amazon Prime. It’s your day.

2. Gifts:

So what? You can’t meet your beloved, but you can still make them feel special. Send them a vast gift hamper. It isn’t such a bad idea to add a personal touch with customised gifts. There are so many options out there. You can give anything you want.

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3. Workshop:

This is mainly for those couples who enjoy learning new things. You can find something that interests you both and then you can book a workshop. So many things are going online from painting, yoga and whatnot. There is something for everyone.

4. Exchanging Stuff:

Well, gifts are fun. But have ever snuggled into your partner’s hoodie? Magical. You can send each other your hoodies, scarfs, T-shirts, and stuff like that. This will make you feel closer to them.

5. Exchanging letters:

Do you enjoy old school romance? The art of letter writing. Celebrate this Valentine’s Week by sending each other heartwarming letters. And if you are willing to be creative, a handmade greeting or a flipbook will be the cherry on the cake.

6. Order Out:

Foodie couples? You must know what your partner loves to eat. Send them a surprise meal with their favourite dishes. And ask them not to share. Plus, a lot of food joints offer customised services that you hire to add a special touch.

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7. Take a walk:

Remember the time your partner was visiting you? And you went to that place where you had the best day together. Why don’t you go there? Each of you can see the happy places near your home and enjoy a video call walking down the memory lane. Remember how you started, the awkwardness, and those foolish little things that reddened your cheeks.

8. Picture Book:

To those couples who like indulging in DIYs. Why don’t you spend your special day making a picture book or scrapbook of all those sweet little souvenirs and photos that cherish your love for each other? And the next time you visit each other, you can show what you made.

9. Make a video:

There are so many photos and videos on your phone. Combine them in beautiful and heartwarming videos so that tomorrow your kids can make the special bond you shared.

So these are some of the things that can keep the Valentine’s Vibe in place. Hope you like the tips to celebrate long-distance Valentine’s Day this year.