Tips on How to Maintain Cricket Gear


Cricket continues to be a popular sport attracting more players and fans globally. Whether you are playing for fun or competitively, the game will keep you entertained. As a player, regardless of your skills level, you need to be safe, keeping in mind that the game involves a hard ball and exposes you to a range of injury risks. Buying the right cricket gear is the first step towards a fun and fulfilling game. You’ve invested in quality cricket gear step towards a fun and fulfilling game. You’ve invested in quality cricket gear from,but how do you ensure that you enjoy it for an extended period? The gear isn’t that cheap, meaning that you need practical maintenance to keep it in top shape for as long as possible. Here are tips on maintaining the cricket gear, ensuring that you realize the value of your investment.

Keep it clean

Gloves, helmets, and pads cleaning can be tricky, especially considering the products. As a general rule, you should avoid cleaning agents that are likely to destroy the fabric. For instance, you might be tempted to buy agents to deal with troubling stains. As you use the agents, knowing them and ensuring they won’t discolor or weaken the fabric is advisable. Sticking to water, mild soap, and baking soda is advisable, as there are fewer chances of ruining the gear. Remove detachable parts and clean them separately; it will make the process more manageable. 

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After cleaning and thorough rinsing, wipe with a soft cloth, and leave the gear to air-dry before using again. You can also use a soft-bristled brush and leather conditioner when cleaning the gloves.

If you are a frequent player, waiting for the gear, especially the gloves, to dry can be inconvenient. A simple hack that can help is investing in an extra pair. Wearing inners is also recommendable. The thin inners will keep the sweat from the gloves, meaning that you won’t have to clean them more often, helping you keep them in top shape much longer.

Proper storage

It is tempting to leave your cricket gear in the boot o your car after a tiring but entertaining game. That’s not advisable, though; it would be best if you picked a dry space. At room temperature, you’ll keep the gear in better shape. For instance, the bat’s willow, if stored inappropriately, can dry or absorb moisture. This affects its performance and durability, stressing the need to consider your storage efforts. 

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If you aren’t a frequent cricketer, your bat shouldn’t be left lying around unprotected. Get a bat protection sheet, With the best selections such as Kookaburra Retro beast pro 4.0 cricket bat 2021, you also get a bat cover. Apart from making your bat an easy carry, the cover protects it from concerns such as heat, moisture, water and dust. You can also use hacks like applying a coat of linseed oil, but only on the exposed

willow parts.

As you store the helmet, gloves, and pads, ensure they aren’t squeezed. This could wrinkle them or apply too much pressure on the helmet that could scratch and weaken it. Pick an ideal spot where each item has enough space, not trying to fit them in a drawer or forcefully stacking them together.Maintaining your cricket gear isn’t such a painful experience. Develop a routine, and you will no longer forget them in your car after the game, only to remember them when preparing for a game.