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Tips on creating a better Call to Action for your social media profiles


In the current world we live in, it is very difficult to succeed as a business without leaning on social media at some point. aside from increasing your engagement, such as buying safe automatic likes – 2019 for your Instagram account and boosting the chances of more people seeing your posts (and consequently, your business), there is an underutilized method that not many look towards – using CTA.

If you are looking forward to boosting your marketing chances on Instagram or any other social media site such as Twitter, and you are experiencing issues with the effectiveness of conversion, then investing in your CTA (Call to Action) will help.

This is because it is very important to always let your customers know that they need to do something to make a purchase. That is the aim of marketing anyway, even in the traditional marketing approach.


What should you give your potential customers?

Aside from just selling your products or services, it is even more vital to determine the customers that are potentially going to buy your product, then work on convincing them why they should buy it. The first question the customer will ask you is why they should spend their money on your product, and you must always be prepared with an answer.

The best way to figure this out is putting yourself in the customer’s shoes, and think like them. Regardlessof the specific channel you utilize, there is nothing that beats a great CTA when you are promoting your business.


Tips on making an effective CTA to use on social media

Making sure the benefits are clear

The thing you need to understand about CTAs is that they hardly have time for lengthy explanations, and yet they must always make maximum impact. Therefore, when you are making one, you must always aim to be as clear and brief as possible.

In order to guarantee the chances of this happening, you must ensure the CTA describes what you want the customer to do, all in a brief and accurate way. The customer must not be left with questions, and it should address their needs and encourage them to take action. Without telling them the possible benefits they will get, they will not be encouraged to take action – and you do not want that for your business.


Increase urgency

One of the most effective strategies of encouraging people to go and do something is increasing the urgency – a very effective psychological method. Even though you might have no idea on how to copywriter effectively, the best way to market on social media is borrowing some tips from them, and this includes making the response from the customer as urgent as possible.

For instance, instead of just telling the customer to try out your interesting product offer, tell them to not delay in trying it out – such as saying, ‘Hurry up while stocks last.’ This is a much more effective wayof encouraging them to spend, than just telling them how good your product is – it will reduce the chances of them telling you they will buy it some other time.

Place greater attention on the word ‘FREE’

Who does not love a great deal? I will be honest with you – I do love them, and the chances of me shopping for products when I know I will get a great deal is higher. Regardless of whether someone is rich or struggling to make ends meet, when you tell them a product is free or on offer, you are guaranteed to pique their interest.

While the classic 25%, 50% or 75% off are great in terms of their offers, the process of conversion becomes even more effective when you use the word ‘Free’. However, instead of only using it to lure in customers, only to make them feel like you duped them afterwards, apply it wisely while making it unique and interesting.

for instance, take a leaf from major companies when they tell customers that there is a free gift, like ‘Buy one and get one free’ kind of offer. An even better way of highlighting that something is free is by grabbing the customers’ attention by making it bold, italicizing, enlarging the font, and so on, so that you let them know immediately that it is on a limited offer.

Maintain simplicity

We tend to underestimate the value of simplicity, especially when marketing our products or services and make them look enticing. However, simplicity actually goes a very long way, and you do not need to complicate the process more than it already is – a common mistake that many marketers seem to make.

The most important part of a CTA is in the last letter – action. That means, when you are encouraging a customer to buy a product or service, you are not sharing tons of information with them – rather, you are encouraging them to act. This understanding will guide the words you eventually use in the CTA itself; you can even borrow a leaf from YouTubers when they are telling people to ‘like’ their videos, ‘share’, and ‘subscribe’ if they haven’t.

These command verbs include the three mentioned above, as well as ‘download’, ‘comment’, ‘click’, and so on. This addition to your posts and bio may seem simple, but it helps you get light years ahead of your competitors because your customers will feel the need to act. In addition, it will actually surprise you that not many marketers and businesses actually apply this technique in their marketing.

Never underestimate header images

Headers are nice, but they are not utilizable in all social media networks (Instagram, for instance, does not have the space to put a header photo). If you do have the chance to use them though, they can be powerful ways of enhancing CTA conversion. Be as creative as possible, as the end aim here is entice people to buy your stuff.



Making your CTA effective is not exactly a scientific approach, and you will likely make tons of mistakes when perfecting it. However, you will soon find the best way to utilize it according to the unique aspects of your marketing campaign, and it will help grow your business immensely.



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