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Tips For Using Combination Hormonal Contraceptive Pills


Tips for using combination hormonal contraceptive pills

Hormonal contraceptives are the various birth control methods that are used by women to prevent unwanted pregnancy safely. The hormonal contraceptives will have the hormones that are in the synthetic form. These hormones look like the natural ones that are produced in the body of a woman. However, you must use birth control pills under the supervision of a medical practitioner.

There are two types of birth control methods that are widely used. The first one is the combination of hormonal birth control, and the other one is the progestin-only birth control. The combination of hormonal birth control is a method that has both estrogen and progestin. The progestin-only birth control is the kind of contraceptives that will have only progestin. It is an ideal option to be used by women who cannot use the pills that have estrogen.

Many people show interest in using the combination of hormonal birth control pills. These will comprise of both the estrogen and progestin. Here are a few tips you need to keep in mind while using the combination of birth control pills:

Pick an appropriate time in a day to ingest the pill.

When you take the pill at the same time every day would produce you with effective results. There are very fewer chances of the pill failing to work when you take the same time. The majority of the time, the pill will fail to work when you are not taking it at the same time.

Consume the pill within five days after your period starts

When you take to consume the pills after your menstrual cycle begins for the month, you can see the periods coming regularly. When you start the pill while you are on periods, you will be safeguarded from getting pregnant immediately. There is no backup method that is available for you to control the birth.

Take the pill at any time but not during the menstrual cycle.

When you start to take the pill other than the menstrual cycle days, the protection will start after seven days of its ingestion. It is recommended to use other hormonal contraceptive methods in case if you were having a sexual relationship when you started using this combination pill.

Consume the pill at the same time every day continuously for three weeks of each pack

It helps you to check whether or not you consumed the pill yesterday. You can also use reminders and applications to take the pill on time.

You can choose to use the pills after three weeks.

If you take the active pills that comprise of hormones continuously for three weeks in the month, you can choose to take the pill in the fourth month based on your needs. However, if you take the pill continuously for three months, it also helps you to control the unwanted pregnancy even in the fourth week.

Take the pill in a limited dosage.

The medical practitioner must recommend the dosage of pills to be used by women. If you take the pill more than what is recommended to you, it may lead to many side effects. Therefore, you must take this under the supervision of a doctor. They will supervise the dosage you can take. The recommended dosage is one pill a day.

Do not skip the days for taking pills.

If you have purchased the pack of pills that you can consume for 28 days, you must use the pills continuously. You should not skip the dosages. It may lead to ineffective results.

Take a week’s break for 21-day pills.

If you are taking the pills for 21 days, you must take a break of a week to start a new pack. The reason behind this is that it helps you to prevent unwanted pregnancy for one week too.

Read the instructions on the birth control pills thoroughly.

You must read the instructions that are given on the label of the birth control pills thoroughly before using it. It helps you to avoid using the pills in case if you are allergic to any of the ingredient that is mentioned on the label.

Stop taking the pill when you want to become pregnant. 

There will be irregular periods when you start to take birth control pills. It takes around one to three months for you to get back to a regular menstrual cycle. Though you have irregular periods, there are still chances of you getting pregnant during this time.

Do not take extra dosage if you miss the pill.

If you miss taking a pill in a day, you should not cover up the pill the next day. Medical practitioners do not recommend it.

It is tough for people to remember taking the pills without skipping a day. You should make it a routine to take the pill after brushing your teeth. You can remember taking pills better when you are taking this pill, along with some other pills every day.



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