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5 Do’s and Don’ts for Skype Interview, these small tips can fetch you a job


Corporate companies are relying more on Skype for interviewing the candidate which would save the time and also the strain for the candidate to travel to the employer place. The trend of Skype interviews is not a new spike but it was used mostly by the overseas companies to interview the candidates who are in other countries. The universities also often schedule the Skype interviews to select their International students. However, the offshore companies are also relying on the Skype interviews these days. The companies are suggesting for a Skype interview even if the candidate is in the same city. The reasons behind this is one the interview could save time and the other is a chance to involve many interviewers from other locations. The added advantage is the interview could be recorded which the companies could use for future reference. So what are the tips, do’s and Don’ts you should follow if you are attending a Skype interview. These small tips might get you a fair job.

5) Concentrate on your dressing – An interview is interview

Many people don’t concentrate on the dressing while attending the Skype interviews. The interviewer could come to an impression looking at your dressing. You should get ready and groomed yourself as if you are attending the real face to face interview. It is suggested to avoid wearing dark colors and especially Green and Yellow colors. Try to wear lite colors and contrast ties if possible. Always cuff your hands. The hair should be properly groomed.


4) Choose a right background to attend – that makes a difference

The most challenging think in Skype Interview is choosing the right place which has a pleasing background to attend the interview. The people who already attend interviews they were likely able to please the interviewers efficiently when they were sitting before a white background. Always try to position yourself in the opposite direction of light. Avoid any insane backgrounds and make sure the things are organized if you are planning to attend the interview from your bed room or living room.

3) Always wear a smile

A smile can set everything right. The impressions could be influenced by the way you maintain the smile. A small grin throughout the interview can fetch you some good marks at the interviewer. So it is suggested to maintain a small smile if not grin.

2) Make sure there are no technical glitches

There could be sudden connection failure and can face many technical glitches during the interview which could disconnect the call. One should make sure that the internet connection is stable and always have an alternate option if that fails. The laptop or phone should be properly charged before the interview call. The speaker and camera checks should be done before hand. This could be major hurdle for the interview if anything goes wrong.

1) Ask your friends to take you an interview

You never know how good are you looking and how pleasing you are to the other person on Skype. So it is suggested to ask any of your friends or well-wishers to take an interview of you through Skype. Let them share their feedback regarding the call quality, your screen appearance, background and also your body language. The more you rectify these flaws in you the more the chances of you coming back flying colors.

Don’ts – A strict No to these things.

1) Never say “NO” if you are asked for a Skype interview by the interviewer. It’s ok if you have a serious problem at times but never say “I don’t have Skype”, “why not on phone” etc.., interviewers wouldn’t like to hear NO’s.

2) Don’t put small fancy names or funky names as Skype ID’s which is shared for interviews. It is suggested to maintain a separate Skype account for the interviews alone.

3) Don’t interrupt the interviewer because there will be lot of interference in the video calls which could create a booming sound. So make sure you listen him first, let him finish asking and then you reply.

4) Don’t put any electronic gadgets especially phones near to the computer (if you are attending through computer) during the interview. These devices sometimes create signal interference as well.

5) Don’t record the interview for future reference without taking prior permission of the interviewer. However it is nothing wrong in asking for permission. So do it with permission.

6) Don’t add the interviewer in the contact list and don’t call back again to check the interview status.

The other rules like proper opening, carrying yourself confident, making your tone bold and audible and closing the interview with thanks greet irrespective of result are same for Skype interviews like other interviews. It is suggested to restrict all communications through the mail post interview. So next time when you are attending for the interview don’t forget all these things. Do you got any suggestions for the same? Comment below.



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