Tips For Dressing Little Girls


The daughter is the mother’s small cotton-padded jacket, every mother has a princess dream, and to dress the daughter to help the mother to realize this princess dream. A person’s clothes shape a person’s external image and show a person’s character characteristics. Girls are fastidiously dressed. Generally speaking, the principle should highlight girls’ innocent and lovely features, which should be decent and not too mature. If you blindly pursue adult trends, you will lose your true nature and childhood innocence that girls should have. Read this article to learn how to dress a little girl, including color collocation, overall collocation, up and down outfit collocation in three parts. Some people will need wholesale kid clothing or Alibaba baby girl clothes, and I recommend checking out pretty kid.

Principles of Color Matching

The tone of clothing for children should be given priority to soft colours and avoid deep colors and especially light colors. Up and down the best choice of similar color or color of the same color system, do not recommend that the color difference is too significant, contrast is too intense color. Besides, I think the colors of little girls’ clothes should be bright, cheerful or calm and lovely, avoiding some dark colors like black and gray.

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General Collocation Principle

Some tips for matching: Patched tops should not be paired with matching shirts and ties, striped or patterned tops should be paired with plain pants, and shoes should match the outfit’s colour. Pant legs can not be too short, otherwise, it will give an unstable centre of gravity. When wearing two pieces inside and outside, the color had better be the same color department or contrast, and collocation will be more flavorful.

Up and Down Outfit Collocation Principle

(1) The upper deep and the lower shallow: dignified, generous, quiet, serious;

(2) Shallow upper and deep lower: bright, lively, cheerful and confident;

(3) When the jacket is highlighted: the color of the trousers is slightly darker than the jacket;

(4) How to match trouser suit clothes look good? Tops should be somewhat darker than pantsuits;

(5) The green color is difficult to match, and can be compared with the coffee color in the clothing matching;

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(6) When the jacket has a horizontal pattern, the trousers can not wear vertical stripes or plaid;

(7) The jacket has vertical design, pants should avoid horizontal lines or grid;

(8) The jacket has a mixed color, trousers should wear solid color;

(9) When the trousers are variegated, the coat should avoid variegated;

(10) If the coat is large or complex, you should wear solid-colour trousers;

(11) When the middle colour’s solid color is matched with a solid color, it should be matched with small ornaments.

Girl’s Dress

1. Summer dresses are the first choice for little princesses if the baby is quiet and cute. Why don’t you choose a plain dress? Cool and lovely at first sight.

2. If mothers want their babies to look playful, we can give them a floral dress. It’s also beautiful.

3. In addition to dresses, moms can also opt for a solid-colour ensemble. Highlight the baby’s lovely, nifty. It’s beautiful, too.

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4. Summer is coming, take your baby to the beach to have a breeze, then let’s get a beach dress with a strap. The baby is comfortable without losing love.

Some of the above matching principles are suitable for all women, of course, little girls are no exception, whether it is color choice, overall matching, or the combination of top and bottom should be done not awkward, give a person a comfortable feeling. Also, it is not recommended that the mother dress the little girl too mature, which is not conducive to the little girl’s physical and mental development.