Tinder Tips: 9 Things to follow for A Match!


Online dating is being embraced more every day. From being a hush hush tale to openly swiping profiles, the millennials are both open-minded and casual about online dating. And apps like Tinder are definitely a must have. However, it is one thing to make an account on tinder another thing to actually get a good date. If you want to find good dates on Tinder, this article is just for you. Here are Tinder Tips that will bring ‘It’s a Match’ on your screens.

Simple and Sober:

Have you heard the phrase ‘Simplicity is Beautiful’? Well, it is in the case of Tinder bio. It is seen that simple bio are more attractive than the bios with codes of nuclear power. Haha! Just kidding. Meanwhile, you keep your bio space simple. Also, it’s a grave mistake to leave this field blank


They say Instagram is the social media app for pictures. However, don’t ignore your Tinder profile. A good picture that portrays you the best will help you more than cheesy pick-up lines and savage captions. Make sure the pics you upload have good quality. Too much filter showcases you are trying to hide your real self. Also, it can be hideous sometimes. A good picture that is pleasing to the eye will get you a good catch. Do not ignore this tip.

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How many of you have used the caption ‘Smile is the best curve on the body’? Well, it indeed is. So practice what you preach and smile in the pictures you put on Tinder. A smile is more welcoming than an eyebrow raise or smouldering looks. It makes you look appealing and easier to approach.

Highlight you best features:

Which part of your body get the most compliments? May be it’s your smile, or your eyes or your curls. Use them. Play at your strengths, Bruh! Make sure your photos highlight the best of you.

Actions speak louder:

No amount of words will ever come close to the information portrayed by actions. If you are really looking for a good date, you should put at least one photo of you indulging in you hobby. It’s natural for like-minded people to bond over their hobbies. Likewise it is not a bad idea to include your pets in your photos.

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No to pics without you:

You tinder profile should be about you. It should not include sceneries, food photos and blah blah blah… You have Instagram for that. Keep your Tinder profile for you.

No Similar Pics

Try to keep things creative. Posting pics in similar clothes or background for that matter is not going to get you anywhere. Similar, try to shift the angles too. Remember, too repetitive too boring.

No Offense:

Don’t, I repeat don’t put obscene or flashy photos. You might think of it as a brave and even seductive but there is nothing more that gets guys labelled as creep and girls labelled as easy as a flashy photograph.

No Mundane Pics

This is common sense. Don’t put boring and mundane photos. It will turn off possible matches quickly.

So these are some of the Tinder Tips for you.