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Things That Might Be A Turnoff During Your Date!


The main concept of going for a date is all about getting to know each other well so that you can proceed in terms of your relationship with that person. You may be going for a blind date or a date with a known person with whom you are in this so-called ‘friendly terms’.

No matter, whether you know the person or not, since the date is where you guys get to know each other in detail, be aware of these turn offs so that you don’t end up doing them on your date!

Be nice and cool

Well, your social behavior matters a lot and yes, you are being observed by your date. Make sure that you are relaxed and have a sweet smile on your face. Don’t end up being rude or impatient no matter what. With this kind of bad behavior, we are sure that every date will end up with a bad remark.

Don’t brag about Yourself

While telling about yourself, you may feel confident about what you are speaking. At times, you may end up saying too much about yourself.This will definitely make you look a bragger at the end of the day. Don’t get into a situation where your date might get too bored just by listening to you without a chance for him or her to utter a word.

Never talk about your Ex’s

You may have been into many relations in the past. When you are going for a date, you might think of letting your date know about all your ex’s and your breakup stories. Well, then we definitely consider this as a wrong idea! Your date is there to know about you, not your past! Some might consider that good while most of them may think that he or she had so many relationship issues and will feel that this date should end here.

Keep talking!

You both are on a date to basically talk and the moment you guys stop talking, it means that the date is about to end with nothing else to talk about. It should always be a two-way communication. While yes, it will be awkward initially for you guys to open up, keep talking a bit and keep the conversation going. The moment you stop talking, your date will consider that there is nothing much to talk about here and it’s going to be a boring date at the end for sure.

Dress Up well

It’s your date and you need to make sure that you are in your best sleeves as the first impression is always the best impression! If you are going on for a date with an unknown person, then healthy hygiene and good looks can create wonders for you. Well, if you planning your date with a known friend or colleague, make sure to look a bit different from what the person knows about you and your looks. This will give a surprising element and keep the mystery added.

Don’t check out other

Don’t show up your flaw at least during your date. Make sure that your attention is on the opposite person and not to anyone else as this might be the biggest turn-off. Your date might think that you are so gross that you are having him or her right before you and checking out someone else.


Do not touch your mobile

It’s your date, all your attention should be on your date not on your cell phone which is by anyways 24/7 with you. Most of the people find the initial conversation a bit awkward and start fidgeting with their cells. With this, your date is not sure of why you are not talking and at the end, both end up texting their friends telling about the guy or gal whom they are on a date with though they haven’t spoken much!

Stay out of Drinks

Well, we all love to loosen ourselves and feel free for some time. But don’t expect that to happen on your date night. With more wine, you might end up talking crap before your date that you will regret the very next day!

Don’t be late

Come on!! It’s your date tonight, at least make sure to be on time as decided. You really don’t want your date to keep waiting for you and lose interest before it all starts!

Try to be yourself

Since a lot of people meet via the dating apps, they end up lying a lot via their online profiles. This will not be the same, once you start having a direct face to face conversation. It’s better to be yourself than getting caught for something that you are not!

By these very basic tips, we are sure that you will be able to manage your date night. By chance, if you have caused any of these blunders, all that you can do is say goodbye to your date. Rest well on your Centuary mattress dreaming about your perfect date.



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