Things That Tomboys Can Relate


Girls are always considered to be soft,subtle and nice. They are also known for their  gossiping nature, being talkative and someone who usually fights a lot. Yes they do all these, but at the end of the day, they are really happy with the way they are. But someone over here has a problem with the way the girls behave, wells it’s the Tomboys who can’t fit in the shoes of the typical girls.

Things that you can relate to if you are one of the Tomboy types:

Girls love to get dressed up !! Their needs for clothing and accessories are never ending. But if you are a Tomboy, then you will be able to relate to these and see them as pretty annoying. You get even more frustrated when your dad or mom tells you to get dressed up for occasions asking you to look like a proper girl.

Things that Tomboyish Girls can relateDuring your school days, you were just not able to  bear the ones that cry for each and everything and you often use to think for yourself that why are they overacting. You were always this chill out and relaxed types who speaks the way you wants to. With this behavior of your’s, you would have often been scolded and advised to mind your words.

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Things that Tomboyish Girls can relate

You were pretty much unorganized during your school days and had a lot of doodles all over your notes when compared to the other girls who used to properly organize and keep the books clean. You always felt annoyed with they being complimented by the teachers.

Things that Tomboyish Girls can relateOne fine day, you try to be like others and come dressed up.People start asking you what happened?  Is there anything special? This discourages you completely.

Things that Tomboyish Girls can relateWhen you were in school, you always tend to write recklessly without concentrating much on your handwriting while the ones with clean and tidy writing always pissed you off.

At a point, you think of putting on some make up. Suddenly when you get to know about the different brands and make up products available in the market, you wonder how can anyone have so much patience to to do research on the brands and get the makeup done.

Things that Tomboyish Girls can relateYou go to pick up your friend for a party and all that you do is wait for her to get decked up and join you. By the time you end up going, half the party is over.

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Things that Tomboyish Girls can relateYou feel really awkward to go to a salon and ask for something else apart from the haircut that you go for.

Things that Tomboyish Girls can relateThere are things that you as a Tomboy are proud of as well. One of them is your dressing style. You’re proud to say everyone that you wear the most comfortable clothes and you’re all time ready for any adventure.

Things that Tomboyish Girls can relate

You tend to go with flat, easy shoes or sandals than going for a high pointed heels. Handling yourself in heels is totally not a cup of your tea.

You as a Kid loved more of outdoor and adventure sports when compared to the barbie doll dress ups.

Things that Tomboyish Girls can relateYour cartoon shows always  included all the super hero episodes and not the once like Cinderella,Sleeping Beauty etc.

Things that Tomboyish Girls can relateAs you grow, people really doubt your gender thinking that you may end up being a Lesbian.

When your parents reach out to you on  marriage proposals, you often feel like what is this now!

Things that Tomboyish Girls can relateBeing a tomboy, you have more of male friends than compared to female friends. No wonder your parents think why you are like this ? Roaming with you, your friends often get scolded.

You are always ready to get into fights or at least lead the fights. Also, you feel excited to watch people fight instead of just avoiding them.You get annoyed when people say things like  ‘girls are not allowed’, ’ just a girl’  kind of statements. You feel like you need to protect the rest of the girls.

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Things that Tomboyish Girls can relateAt the end, Tomboys are daring,caring and lovely as a human being. That’s all should matter. So let’s cheer them up!

No matter how different a Tomboy may be, there is one thing common in both of them. This is what we totally like !! Both of them love to sleep.No matter, how many times the alarm rings, they still react in the same way. They end up scolding the ones who had set the alarm. They switch off the alarm to get some extra sleep on their Centuary mattress.

Things that Tomboyish Girls can relate