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5 things to look at before renting a Car for a Weekend Adventure


The weekend trip is a panacea to the weary city soul, governed by schedules and routine. However, a road trip is not as exciting when it is done via the usual bus or commercial cab as it is in a personal car with friends. In public transport, one has to follow a strict route. There are no impromptu stops and breaks, and the serendipity and anticipation of a road journey are somewhat diluted.

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However, the road trip is no longer the domain of only those who have a car. Now non-vehicle-owners can also experience these journeys with the simple tap of an app. Affordable car rentals have changed the way young aspiring Indians travel and have added a vigor and sense of adventure in many people’s lives. It works for those who want to use a different vehicle too. A good self drive car rental company will offer many types of vehicles so one can keep his or her hatchback at home and opt for a sturdy SUV instead.

Weekend Getaways

Bangalore has no dearth of weekend getaways. The route to Mysore is a pleasant drive full of enterprising stops. There is the Wild West movie terrain of Ramanagara and the bloody history that unfolded in Srirangapatna, all stops en-route to the royal city. At Mysore, prepare to be enamoured by the imposing and ornate Mysore Palace, the residence of the Wadiyar kings. Other attractions include the sprawling Mysore Zoo. As part of your weekend trip, one can also drive to the breathtaking Brindavan Gardens, or head off to the top of Chamundi Hills to enjoy spectacular views of the surrounding plains.

The great driving adventure can continue if one decides to venture into the untamed mountains of Coorg. Nagarhole National Park is the land of the tiger and other attractions in this fascinating district of Karnataka include the hill town of Madikeri and the Tadiyandamol peak. Coorg is also home to a distinct culture and cuisine. The famous pandi curry here can be the culinary highlight of this weekend adventure.

5 things to look at before renting a Car

#1 Look For Luxury

Doing the same job, again and again,n might make you feel boring over time. People look for adventure, touring and places where they can enjoy their weekend.  After a lot of hard work, you deserve a comfort which can give memorable times. You should always select a luxury car where you can enjoy your time.

#2 Look at The  Maintenance

While renting the car you should always make sure the car is in perfect condition to drive. Old cars usually become dirty when not driven for a long time. The car shouldn’t be smelly, the Car AC should be working perfectly, it doesn’t haunches you when you drive.

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#3 Compare the prices

Money is something which everyone loves to save but the taker always wants more money. While selecting a car you should compare the prices with other vendors considering the value of the offer.

#4 Check Surcharges

Surcharges at the time of vacation become a good source of money for vendors. In this situation, you should bargain with the local vendors, compare the price online. There is much probability to get a car cheaper than the local vendors and vice versa.

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#5 Schedule your vacation

Schedule your vacation 1 month prior to the date, this no only saves your time to manage things but gives you a peaceful silence. But if you are the one who likes last minute planning then that might be little costly.

Where to trips when you have less time?

Shorter weekend trips to Nandi Hills are also a popular choice. The peaks of the region are a good place for a good trek, and the Hills have their share of history too. An old fort and temple are the main heritage attractions here, but what many visitors love are the winding lanes that offer some of the best driving experiences.

When it comes to getting a self drive car Bangalore is a great place to be, filled with many options. Zoomcar is a favorite of avid travelers, boasting features like 24/7 on-road support – a great assurance for long drives. With all-India permits, that weekend trip can include an inter-state dash. Patrons of car rentals are enjoying the cheap rates, where they can change payment plans according to the amount of driving they are actually doing.

A rejuvenating weekend trip awaits the informed traveler who chooses a rental car to negotiate new trails and discover offbeat tracks. With all the privileges of a car owner, one can have an uncompromised experience, with total freedom to explore.

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