Things That Happen To You On Every Diwali!


Diwali is one such festival that we all love to celebrate for various reasons. The festive fever starts off with Dusshera and then it’s lined up by the “festival of light” Diwali. Diwali is a time where we love enjoying the break that we get either from studies or work. It’s a festival where all the family members come together and celebrate it happily!

The moment you realize that Diwali is coming up next week or next month, your holiday season mood begins. You skip work to make sure that you are getting ready for the festival with a big bang! So what are the things that come to your mind when you think of Diwali for a moment? Well, you keep thinking and till then see what we feel makes your Diwali every year! We are sure that each one of you will be able to relate to what’s being mentioned over here. So let’s start with the 6 things that make your Diwali every year.


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Eternal Love

Who would not love to shop? We just need an excuse to shop every time. Have you been limiting your shopping due to financial constraints, then this is the right time. With Diwali, you should be having all the valid reasons to shop in bulk. With the amazing discounts & grand sales that you get through the giant e-commerce sites like Amazon, Flipkart, Snap Deal, Myntra and much more, you should have been done by most of the shopping. So if you have not bought anything that you still desire, we suggest you go and shop it immediately as it’s the right time to buy the most expensive stuff!

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Being Amazed by yourself

Have you ever felt proud of yourself for doing things that you have always been ignoring? Then this Diwali, you will definitely have a reason to be proud of yourself. It’s the only time of the year where you do household work and make the house look sparkling and clean! Rarely,you are also complimented by your parents for your first ever work at home while they have kept nagging about your lazy behavior all this time!

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Irritation and Joy together

Were you able to experience the sense of frustration or irritation followed by joyfulness? Now you should be wondering how is this possible? Ok, so let’s break this puzzle for you!

If you love burning crackers then you would have experienced this previously as well. People who love burning crackers keep waiting for their day to start off so that they can be on roads to burn crackers. But there are few people who start off well in advance before you, disturbing your sleep. While you wake up disturbed, you are still happy that there is someone out there who has started off the day with a big bang before you. This, in turn, motivates you to start your day as early as possible.

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Your survival means

While we have the saying that “we need to consume food for our survival and not survive for food”, we have quite a number of people who don’t go by this. They love food to such an extreme that food is their topmost priority. They love exploring and trying out the different cuisines. With Diwali on its way, they have every reason to be excited as they get to eat so much and also get many Prashad’s in the process of different pujas that will be organized.

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Storage is full

With Diwali, you get to receive many text messages, images, and videos. Don’t get all happy! Not everyone is sending them to you in person, they are sent to you as a part of group forward message. If you are a person who is not much active on WhatsApp, then Diwali will be the day where you will receive messages from the known and unknown ones as well!!  

If you have been thinking to start off your conversation with someone special, then Diwali is the occasion to start with. Also, you get to see these amazing creative heads who put their  minds to create  lengthy messages that are less of text and messages that are conveyed through the use of numeric and special characters.

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Things That Happen To You On Every Diwali!

Charity and Gifts

Have you always seen your mother and your house maid fighting throughout the year when it comes to the way of work, punctuality, salary etc? Then, Diwali is the time where you will be seeing you mom giving all the clothes that she does not wear any longer to the maid. This makes the maid happy which at the end will give a smile on your mom’s face with her change of behavior towards the work. It’s the season of gifts where no one will question you even if you give gifts or receive gifts. A gift inline with the festivities is ISAK line of fragrances that are a unique blend of scents. ISAK’s artisanal perfumes draws its heritage and roots to the very genesis of the art of Indian artisanal perfumery. ISAK’s Proprietor CMRD India Limited has been enfleuraging scents for the Indian bourgeois since the 1800s.

Things That Happen To You On Every Diwali!


Hope you were able to relate with few of the above things. Wishing you all a Happy Diwali 2017!