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Things Every Woman Looks For In A Man


A lot of men claim that women are most difficult to understand. Many men don’t know how to deal with dating and how to make the right first impression. What tactics work the best on women? Even married men don’t know how to understand their wives and figure out what is wrong when she is upset. So here is a list of things every woman looks for in a man.

Financial Independence:

No woman will ever date a man who is not financially on his own. Of course, there are many gold diggers out there. But not all women fall into the same category. An honest woman will be happy with a guy in charge of his finances, even if that means living with meagre luxuries. The moment she sees her husband losing his financial independence, she will become upset.


Don’t worry, you don’t need to be Einstein for this. But you should have some intelligence. At times, you do not get carried away by your emotions, and you do not fall for here, say. You must have a shared sense of things. Women prefer someone who can walk out of sticky situations.

Social Life:

This is a must. A woman can love you a lot, but she can’t be with you 24×7. Nobody wants a guy who doesn’t have his hobbies or friends to spend time with. Women need their space. A stickler will get nowhere with a woman.

Open-Minded in Bed:

A lot of guys find it difficult to discuss sex with their partners. On the other hand, women want guys who are open-minded and discuss their physical activities without being shy. A man who cares for his woman’s opinion in the bedroom is always appreciated. Plus, it keeps the relationship healthy and transparent.


We see many relationships breaking apart because of a woman’s successful career. Men, for some reason, have the habit of being egoistic when their partner’s income increases. Also, women with a successful career have to face many questions about their capabilities, whether or not they are doing favours for their bosses. Nothing is more insulting than that. Any woman will walk away from a man who accuses her of that and will never look back, no matter how much she loves him.


You need to be a person who takes cares of little things. For example, order her favourite food on her bad days to cheer her up or taking care not to wear a particular perfume which she doesn’t like. These small gestures work wonders for women. She will love you more for this.


You don’t need to have a good body for this, it just that you should be healthy. You must not indulge heavily in alcohol and other substances. Also, never forget your mental health. It, too, plays an important role.

So, these are the few things every woman looks for in a man. I hope you find this helpful.



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