Things That Really Annoy Your Partner


Are you a newly married or a happily ever after one? When you’re newly married, you need to keep in mind many things as your wife is new to the place and she might find it weird to help herself with the people whom she initially considers as strangers. You need to make her feel assured so that she can get in your shoes in terms of the comfort zone and bonding. But are you one among those partners who really don’t know when and why your wife gets freaked out all of a sudden? Then you need to go through these and avoid doing them as these are the little acts that are going to annoy your wife.

Morning time

Sleep is something that neither of us can resist. We feel lazy to wake up in the morning no matter what plans we have for the day. We tend to forget about the important dates or any urgent meetings that we might have. The only thing that can help us out here is alarm. That’s the only sound that reminds you that you have something really important to do for today. You may keep three to four alarms to wake yourself up. But all that you end up doing is annoying your wife by disturbing her morning sleep while you still continue to sleep. After this,  you are going to enjoy your day with your wife’s lovely compliments!!

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Wardrobe Arrangement

A woman loves to keep her stuff arranged in a proper way so that she can get her things handy whenever she wants. When it comes to her dresses and accessories, she becomes more particular to make sure that she does not lose out on anything. If you don’t know about this nature of your wife and end up rearranging the wardrobe as you are not able to get what you are looking for, then make sure to keep things the way they were aligned. You are about to see your wife’s most annoyed expression ones she realizes what you have done with the wardrobe.

Choice of Perfume

Women love to experiment with perfumes as a part of their style statement. They try out many and finally go with the one that really suits them. 

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Is your wife a big fan of artisanal perfumes, especially Isak Fragrances? Then make sure not to finish off the bottle as she is going to be annoyed big time when she gets to know that you have actually worn off all her perfume.

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Things That Really Annoy Your Partner


Are you having a date with your wife after your office work? Then make sure to reach the venue before the promised time. Women love when men are punctual. With you being late, makes them disappointed and repeating this several times is going to make your life worst!

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Spending Habits

In a couple, it’s usually the women who try to save some money compared to men who buy off things randomly and later regret paying the credit card bills. If you are one among these husbands, who are hoping to surprise your wife with some nice expensive gift, then make sure you are planning to buy a gift that she will really like. If you end up taking home an gift which is of no interest or use for her, you are about to make your wife annoyed!

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Are you having a day off and yet sitting ideal at home without helping out your wife in her work routine? In this situation don’t ever try to ask her if she is willing to go out. She is going to get annoyed bigtime as you are not helping her out in the first place and on top, you are interrupting her work.

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We really hope these simple things help you to be a smart husband and at the same time keeps your wife temper low.