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These Are Some Career Options For Students Who Have A BBA Degree


The business world is never stagnant. Opting for a BBA course is considered highly valued from all perspectives. A student can adapt to the ever-changing world of business and gain perspective into the new age practices. With proper guidance and managerial skill development, BBA students can wield in various fields and that too at a reputable designation.  

The current job market is an immensely competitive one, and every employer wants their demands met by the candidates they are looking to hire. Many sectors are recruiting students with a BBA degree as they are quick at taking decisions, work well in a team and have excellent management skills. These employment opportunities are open in multiple different avenues that you can opt for if you have chosen for a BBA course.

Here are a few sectors that are hiring students with a Bachelors in Business Administration degree.


  • Government Sector

Who doesn’t want a government job? They come with tons of perks such as good salary, job security, medical benefits, retirement compensation and much more! A person with a degree in BBA can apply for jobs in sectors such as Bank PO, Railways, SSC and more. A lot of young and skilled students are opting for these jobs nowadays as the public sector has advanced immensely.  


  • Tourism and Hospitality Sector

With the growing market for tourism in India, there is a lot of room for success and growth in the tourism and hospitality sector. The boom in the hospitality sector is evident with various job openings in the best organizations and that too in managerial and executive positions. A skilled BBA degree holder fits perfectly for this job as the managerial and administrative skills developed in the duration of the course comes handy here.


  • Finance Sector

The finance sector is ever undergoing rapid and significant changes. All organizations require professionals who have a good understanding of the industry’s dynamics and the direction and implication of change. A BBA student would fit perfectly in this sector as they are already trained to have a great foundation in skills that are relevant to industries such as finance.


  • Counselling and Teaching Sector

The significant expansion in the education sector has opened doors for students to choose their career of choice. A student is bound to feel lost about a course to opt for as there are plenty of them. You can help, guide and counsel these students and enlighten them with what to do and how it will help them. You can also tutor these students and make it a lucrative career option after your own degree.


  • The Marketing Sector

A marketer is expected to enhance business by planning, directing and making marketing efforts. They are responsible for maximizing profits by developing a strategy for goods and services. Marketers also supervise product development and monitor the shifting trends in the targeted market. With changing times, Social media and the internet has opened various doors for marketers to expand their horizons and go digital. The perk of being a marketer is that you can also work in creative fields such as advertising.


Final Words

A BBA degree will prove beneficial for life and polish your skills to pursue a career that you choose. A good university with the best opportunities and facilities is essential to bring out your skills in you. Joining universities such as UPES is beneficial as they have industry aligned BBA courses with a panel of experienced faculty members to help course student’s future. Universities like these also have high placement opportunities, assisting students to get jobs with the best MNCs in India!



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