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The work scene and employment scene in the UK is going through some changes.


With a fast-spreading pandemic, finding out the exact numbers of unemployed people can be quite challenging. There are a lot of people in the UK without a job, but some are not looking to get into the workforce yet, so would not be counted within the statistics. With the pandemic reaching new heights, the UK found themselves struggling for a bit and their otherwise dependable health care system was put to the test. With the massive load that it had to bear, people felt that they were not getting the attention that they deserved. Additionally, a lot of people within the country died because of the pandemic, and the majority began losing faith in the system.

 With rules like social distancing and a nationwide lockdown, people were spending most of their time indoors and working remotely, since they were not looking to get sick or catch the virus. Additionally, companies were not making a lot of money or meeting their targets which meant they had to start letting go of their staff. The queues at the unemployment exchange are also increasing, giving the Government an understanding that there were about three million people without work. The unemployment rate that stood stable at 3.9% for the longest time, from the beginning of the year and through the pandemic, now dropped further to 4.5%, which is the lowest it has fallen in three years. 

The Government immediately began working on schemes to assist the people and companies reduce the number of jobs they were cutting out. They were also promoting smaller businesses so they could help with improving the employment scene within the country. They had the furlough scheme that was paying businesses in the country 80% of the salaries of their staff, and they only had to pay the difference. The Government knew that the economy could get better if businesses began functioning, and decided to add a few rules and begin reducing restrictions. Businesses were allowed to open a shop if they were complying with the rules, put up by the Government. Although there was enough evidence that this could lapse into another wave of the pandemic, they were taking precautions, not having much of a choice when getting through since they needed companies to be able to stand independent since the Government could not provide bailouts forever.

 There were a few changes that were taking place in the workspace as well. Companies were not allowed to function within the same offices, maintaining the same number of staff, unless they had large offices. They had to reduce their staff numbers since they were maintaining social distancing protocols if they were calling their employees into work. Additionally, there were other challenges, and changes that some companies could not adapt to and those were remote working or getting things done through video calls. Since most companies had a fair number of their staff working remotely, they had to catch up and have their internal as well as client meetings online which were strange but the only way to get things done when so many were not open to meeting in person. With such a large number of changes, companies started picking up on their own as they had to keep up. Depending on the job description and the opening that applicants were applying for, companies had to go through background checks to make sure the person they were bringing in were a good fit for the company. Employers could go through the CRB application process and gather information on the person that they are hiring. Another route that they can take is going online and using the DBS check. The latter is popular since it can be handled remotely and provides the information that an employer could need. The changes also allow them to know whether the person would be a good fit in certain situations, such as whether they would be open to working with certain age groups. Each person can apply for their DBS certificate, but they have to remember to keep it updated since it could be used by employers when considering them for a job.



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