With the summer holidays approaching everyone is planning their rendezvous but it is quite rare that their plans succeed. These plans finally become phantom of their imagination. But what is it, that makes them want to go to places? What is it that they need to search by going to places away from their homes leaving their comfort zones? It is the wanderlust within them?

Man is made to adapt but over the years with technological advance, there is this feeling of boredom which gathers up among the people. People nowadays take a trip when they are bogged down and frustrated with their mundane lives as a stress reliever. But is it actually stress? No. it is their boredom which has gathered up inside them due to following a routine lifestyle. And this boredom is misinterpreted as stress. Every human has wanderlust within but that is not recognized by them and they think of these vacations as stress busters. When a person is accustomed to a routine he gets bored and the internet acts as the oil to the fire, we see other people on social media sharing their stories and pompous splurges and we think that “how come are they enjoying, while we are dredging through our routine!”

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That’s where the stress and frustration kicks in! And your mind explodes and you say “that’s it! Now we’re going on a trip.” And we end up spending a lot on shopping and hotel bookings and then cry over those later when we can’t afford ourselves a pair of new shoes. So what am I trying to say you wonder? All I am trying to say is that we all have a wanderlust in us and to curb that lust, our pockets need not become empty and nor should we take stress. Want to know how?


It’s easy:

  • Unlock your phone.
  • Go onto any search engine.
  • Search the nearest beautiful places.(you will be shocked by the results)
  • Just drive away.

Yea that’s it! These 4 steps can completely change your life. The only cost incurred in this way is the cost of petrol and when you go with friends that too is shared. And in addition you get to know many more new places around and near you. After all we do on a weekend is watch TV or go through social media, and there we see those people again, posting photos of enjoying vacations (I know right those people are so irritating) and then the cycle starts. You must be thinking what a stupid idea of driving to the place that too nearby? But that STUPID idea makes a HUGE difference!
Because the journey is the most beautiful part of the entire vacation and what’s better than a car trip with friends or family (something we pay for to watch in cinema ;)).

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So don’t suppress your wanderlust within just fulfill it.