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The Viral Kanyadaan Ad Should add question rituals


The new ad of Alia Bhatt Kanyamaan was on fire. Some questioned why companies select to bring out the regressive traditions of one belief only while some of them liked the idea. 

Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt’s new ad for Indian marriage attire corporation Manyavar has taken off viral on social media and has been giving rise to rounds on Twitter for its powerful statement. The ad brings about an action to question the Hindu morality of kanyadaan where the bride is thought to be paraya dhan or someone else’s property. 

Alia’s current ad has resulted in a cyclone on social media. While some devotees have hailed the ad and named it a new idea, others have named it another to provoke feminism. Manyavar is recognized for arising with different ads for their marriage collection, which develop a serious effect on society. The concept is to attach with the new brides and their philosophy when it comes to their great day.

At the moment of kanyadaan, she asks “Am I an element to be donated?” She says that it should not be ‘kanyadaan’ it must be ‘kanyamaan’. The ad has won the heart of some species who had a lot to let out about the brand’s courage to doubt and question the Hindu marriage traditions. 

The ad pictured opens with Alia Bhatt, having various feelings on her marriage day.  Emotional about her childhood days, she looks at her parents and grandmother.  Alia recalls the family’s early discussions around her marriage. She also asked some questions. 

Some of the people loved the ad but others introduced the nonsense of the entire advertising, mainly at a moment when Hindu women have given rise to such huge successes in every step of life.

The Hindu society is not glad about the singling out of their faith for over outbreaks, as is noticeable with the backlash against Manyavar. Also, the belief of the entire ad is unusual, conveyed that the brand is perfectly familiar that what they are proposing is devious and creates no sense at all, it is useless to say. 

This is not the first moment that brands have attacked a Hindu tradition for their marketing movement. Social media stoners rued the truth that not sufficient attention is brought up against processes such as Nikah-Halala and Triple Talaq but brands have initiated a battle against Hindu beliefs.

Ads carry important soft capability in forming social principles and nudging empowerment. So despite all pushback and danger of declining into disfavour, brands must proceed in solidarity with women. They will be recognised well as supporters that did not back down in the front of hatred when real equality ultimately dawns.

In the ad, the bride raises the question of why despite being showered with so much affection, she is still called ‘paraya dhan’. She also asks about the process of ‘kanyadan’ in which the brides’ parents ‘donate’ their daughter. The ad shows a happy finishing up with the parents of the groom ‘donating’ him.



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