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The Perfect Occasion Demands the Perfect Tux: 2022 Guide to Prom Tux Ideas


When it comes to prom, the prom dress is always the highlight of the occasion since dress styles abound and are ever changing. For guys, the choice of prom outfits usually stays pretty much the same – a tux or suit and tie. Fashion savvy guys know how to work with these two options to create very many different looks.

You could cluelessly dress in a rundown tux from your closet or the shiniest suit you can find at the store and end up embarrassing your date. Or, you can take a cue from red carpet pros and find the perfect formal wear that will have you looking up-to-par with the gorgeous lady on your arm. Read on to find looks and fashion insights that will set you apart from other men at your prom night.


Tuxedo or suit

A tux is not a black suit worn with a bow tie. The biggest difference is the fabrics used to make them. A suit is made with one fabric from jacket to pants, but a tuxedo incorporates silk satin on its jacket lapels, pants and buttons.

Since style is personal, you are free to choose either especially if your prom does not have a strict dress code. As long as you feel that you look good and are comfortable, you are good to go.


Bowtie or Necktie

This choice is often dictated by your choice of other pieces of your outfit. If you are wearing a pleated shirt, you do not want to cover up its button studs, so a bowtie is more ideal than a necktie. Neckties are the obvious choice if you are wearing a suit, but if you want to stand apart from the crowd, a bowtie is a way to go. The bowtie naturally goes with a formal tux. You should only wear a necktie with a tux if the party is not strictly formal in which case simple black and white colors will suffice. Going without a tie is too casual for prom.


Shoes: The outfit’s foundation

Shoes can very easily make or break your look. There are so many shoe styles to choose from, from the conservative black shoes to casual velvet loafers. Determining which shoes go well with your outfit is not easy so let us break it down.

  • The classic black shoes – perfect for navy and grey suits but they are quite versatile.
  • Brown leather shoes – very low key and versatile but they show that you made an effort in dressing yourself.
  • Patent leather – Easiest shoes to wear with a tux
  • Velvet loafers – suitable for adding some casual texture to a tux
  • Grosgrain loafers – great for dancing or at least making you look like a dancer



Whichever ideas end up shaping your prom look, the goal is to make sure that you look sharp so that you can feel sharp. You will also want to compliment your date. This means that you need to figure out, for example, which suits go well with two piece prom dresses or which color scheme will coordinate with your dates without producing matching outfits that look like costumes.





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