The Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media Advertising


There is no doubt that social media platforms play a vital role in advertising products and services. They provide an open ground to the firms to capture more potential customers. Firms are investing a huge amount of money on social media advertising. 

Social media advertising is basically a form of digital marketing by using different types of social media platforms. The social media platforms such Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter etc. features paid ad services to their users. A firm or person can easily use this service to promote their brands and reach a big number of customers.

However, if you see, almost every firm is using the feature of paid ads on various social media to promote their goods and services. So, the competition level is very high in this field. You have to be very careful when you make an ad campaign on social media. If you want to grow your brand on Instagram, try Mixx. The platform offer organic likes, comments and followers for Instagram accounts. Take help from Mixx to build your brand on Instagram. Your ad has to be very unique and connective to the audience. Only then you can attract more potential customers and consumers. 

In this article, I will enlighten you with some do’s and don’ts strategies of social media advertising. They will help you to deliver a better advertising campaign on social media. 

The Do’s and Don’ts of social media advertising

Social media advertising is an amazing and effective way to reach more customers for your products and services. Some research shows that 30% of social media users who click on ads end up buying the product. With the advancement of digital marketing and social media features, advertisements have become quite easy. But still you can fail to capture your audience’s attention if you lack in the strategies of advertising. So, you can follow the following do’s and don’ts to have a successful social media ad campaign.

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The do’s of social media advertising- strategies to follow

There are no hard and fast rules for design your social media ad campaign. But the following strategies are some essential strategies that can provide you with success in your  social media ad campaign.

Know your audience 

You have to know your target audience first. If you know your audience well, you will be able to design your ad according to their taste. For, example, if your target customers are middle aged people your ad should contain emotional appeal. Only then will they watch it to the end. Whereas,  if you target young people, you can use humor or funny appeal in your ad.

 You can’t be successful in your social media ad campaign without analyzing your target customer. To know your audience well you can do some research and surveys to know what type of content is popular in the present time.

Choose the representer of your product carefully

Product representer means the persons or content that appear in the ad. You must choose your product representative carefully according to the acceptance of your target customers. If you target youth as your target audience, you can hire an influencer or sports person to represent the content of your ad. However, middle aged or aged people like vintage actors and singers of their time. So, be very careful in this aspect.

Design  your ad content with uniqueness and precisely  

Advertisements appear for a short time such as 15 to 30 seconds on social media platforms. Also, people tend to avoid ads because most of the time the ads don’t feel appealing. That’s why your ad content should be simple and precise. You have to design your ad content in a way that it connects the audience easily. For example, you can use short songs and rhymes about your product. However, the content must deliver the useful information in that short span of time. 

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Post your ads time after time 

If you want to make the most from your ad campaign you have to post them consistently. You can use premium paid ad services from the social media platforms. It will help your ad to appear everywhere in social media. When the audience notices that an ad is appearing everywhere they scroll, they may click on it to know it. So, post your ad regularly. You can post 2-3 times which is a decent number to appear in social media. 

Hire experts to manage your ad campaign

When you go for social media advertising, you can get a response at any time. Alone you will not be able to manage all the queries from the customers. Again, you may use more than one social media platform. So, you can hire an expert to manage your ad campaign so that you can attend your customer any time they need you. 

The don’ts of social media advertising- things you have to avoid

Social media platforms offer paid ad services to all their users. So, there is huge competition going on between the firms. So, you must care about some things that can lead you to ineffective ad campaigns. Here are the things you have to avoid in social media advertising.

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Be careful not to copy other people’s content

Never use copied content in your social media ads. If you use copied content, your audience will not be attracted to your ads. You can get some ideas from your competitors’ ads but don’t copy them exactly. Try to create unique and innovative ads so your audience get something new from it.

Make sure you don’t rely solely on one social media platform

If you use only one social media platform for advertising your products, you may not be able to capture the most value from it. People nowadays use multiple social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Snapchat etc. It’s quite difficult to know which social media your audience is using. Also, if you target a diversified target audience, you must use multiple social media platforms. 

Don’t post randomly

Always manage your social media advertising campaign according to the proper schedule. If you post randomly without knowing the right time and occasion, your efforts can go in vain. There are occasions and times when people spend more time on their social media. You have to follow that timeline and post your ads accordingly.


Social media platforms are extensively used for advertising of products and services by most of the firms. Whether it is a startup or established firm, you will get suggestions for everybody’s ads. However, a few are successful with their social media ad campaigns. The reason behind it is their strategies are not effective. So, if you are planning to go for social media advertisements of your goods and services, you can follow the above strategies (do’)  and avoid the don’ts. It will bring you success. Goodluck!