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The coolest McDonald’s around the world.


McDonald’s is one of the most popular fast food joint across the globe. This American fast food company was founded by Richard and Maurice McDonald in 1940. Now 80 years later the golden arches are one of the most famous global icons. When you walk in a McDonald’s store, you will be greeted by a typical counter behind which there’s the kitchen.  You will smell the sizzling fries and an aromatic smell of coffee will waft through the McCafe. Cheerful staff and stylish seats with a bench and the popular McDonald’s clown mascot are commonplace in any McDonald’s joint. However, there are some McDonald’s restaurants with the most unique joints. Here’s a list of some of the coolest McDonald’s around the world.

Taupo, New Zealand:

You must be familiar with restaurants inside planes. This McDonald’s is a little different. It is inside a decommissioned DC3 plane! Yes, an actual plane with seats, cockpit and wings!

New Hyde Park, New York

McDonald’s is always a place swarming with families and while its a fun place it cannot be an elegant restaurant or can it be? The New Hyde Park McDonald’s is inside a 1795 Georgian mansion and is one of the most elegant fast food joints with an open glass veranda and grand staircase.


How about a European themed McDonald’s. There is one in Rome that will suit the Queen with pastries and salad bar on its menu. It has to be entered through the Perugina Baci chocolate shop.

Dallas, Texas:

This one has the World’s Biggest Happy Meal. For it is inside one! Yes you read it right. This McDonald’s building is of the shape of Happy Meal. What’s more, inside there are Austrian crystal chandeliers, mahogany furniture, granite floors and Ralph Lauren wallpaper.

Bray Town Hall, Bray, County Wicklow, Ireland.

Never thought of walking into a town and found a McDonald’s in it? Well, see it yourself. This 19th century town hall is home to another elegant McDonald’s.

London, England:

This McDonald’s is not only famous for its wooden framed building but also for being the biggest McDonald’s of the world.

Mississippi River:

How will you open McDonald’s in middle of a river? By building it on a boat. The Mississippi River McDonald’s is on a river boat name St. Louis MO. It’s iconic.

Canal Street, New York:

If you walk down the Canal Street you will find it a regular New York Street until you see the black building made of cast iron. That is McDonald’s by the way. It is a place for matte black lovers.

Roswell, N. M.:

We are done with planes, ancient mansions and even boats. But not McDonald’s what can be the remaining unique place to build McDonald’s on Earth? A UFO maybe? Yes, this Roswell McDonald’s has a UFO shaped building with complete night time florescent lights. Very outlandish and spooky.

So these are some of the coolest McDonald’s around the world. Which one do you want to visit? Tell us in the comments.



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