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The complete guide to achieving foxy eyes


Only runway models and celebrities have access to this first-of-its-kind trend in history. Even if your algorithm didn’t tell you, foxy eye makeup has been making a comeback on social media sites like Instagram lately. Despite the wide variety of interpretations we’ve seen on the internet, they all feature the same foxy eyes qualities that you’d expect to find on a fox. 

There is speculation that Bella Hadid, who has become famous for her daily application of foxy eye makeup to give an appearance of more enormous eyes. The extended wingtip and sharp inner edges give it the formation of a fox. It’s relatively uncommon for people who want to look more attractive in pictures or social media to have their eyebrows shaved off, nose-shaped, and hair pulled back.  

Do you know what foxy eye make-up is and how to use it? 

Celebrities like Bella Hadid have popularised the foxy eye makeup look, making it one of the most popular and widely spread. Using just eyeliner, you may get along and tapered appearance for your eyes. Smouldering eye makeup is elevated to a new level of sensuality with thinly winged eyeliner and sharp corners. 

How Do Foxy Eyes Work? 

A fox eye lift is a kind of medical procedure that alters the form of your eye physically, rather than only referring to the look of a cat-eye, as is the case with cosmetic surgery. The treatment is designed to resemble fox eyes, thus the name. Despite the fact that a comparable appearance can typically be achieved with cosmetics, a fox eye lift provides longer-lasting results. It is a minimally invasive technique that needs just a short recovery period. 

  • Fox eye lifts: This is intended to raise the outer corners of your eyes and pull them slightly outward, creating the appearance of almond-shaped eyes. To get a more youthful look, alter the curvature of your eyes to create a foxy appearance.  
  • PDO threading: This is a non-surgical treatment that requires little recovery time. Prior to inserting small threads under the skin, the medical practitioner will numb the therapeutic locations that need numbing. Following that, these threads are used to elevate sore locations. While this treatment is most often used to eliminate smile lines, if performed correctly, it may also be utilised to create foxy eyes. In the majority of cases, the effects may continue up to four months. 
  • Blepharoplasty: This is a technique that involves the removal of a tiny piece of a hooded eyelid to improve the appearance of the eye. It is one of the most often performed forms of facial cosmetic surgery and is used to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the face. This is the ideal choice for those who want to maintain their fox eye appearance indefinitely. since it eliminates extra skin and elevates the corner of the eye. 
  • A temporal lift: It is a procedure that elevates the brows and tightens the skin around the eyes. In contrast to the natural arch of the majority of brows, a temporal lift lifts the outer corner of the brow to naturally lift the eyes. Injectable fillers such as Botox® are often used to achieve the desired effects. However, this technique often requires no recuperation time. 
  • Canthoplasty: It is a procedure that is often used to cure vision difficulties because it enlarges the pupils of the eyes. Small incisions are performed on the outer corners of your eyes during fox eye surgery to gradually expand and mould them into an almond shape. The procedure takes around two hours on average, and the results are permanent once completed. 

How long does it typically take for patients to recover after Fox Eye Surgery? 

The time required to recuperate after cat-eye surgery varies according to the procedure performed. There is no need to take time off work to use a temporary lift; you may resume your normal duties immediately. However, you must wait for one to two days before adding eye makeup. PDO threading, on the other hand, does not need any downtime due to its non-surgical nature. Following the treatment, you may have some bruising for a few days, but you should be able to resume your typical activities within a day or two. 

What’s the best way to get those sultry foxy eyes? 

The five most essential techniques for achieving a foxy eye makeup appearance include: 

  • The first stage is priming the inner eyelids. Choose an eyeshadow colour from your makeup palette that matches your skin tone after you’ve applied a perfect foundation. Using a fluffy brush, apply it to the inner corner of the eye. This colour will serve as the ensemble’s uniting factor. 
  • To give your eyes more depth, apply a deeper shade of eyeshadow to the crease. Apply the colour using a tiny crease brush in a windshield motion to ensure that it is equally dispersed. 
  • At this stage, you may begin by lining your eyelids with eyeliner. Using a gel eyeliner with a brush, or a pen eyeliner for additional control over eyeliner strokes ensures that your liner is skinny and precise. 
  • Extend the eyeliner and flick it towards your brow bone or temples, keeping a fragile line in place to complete the look. Make it longer by going all the way up to your brow bone. Smoking out your eyeliner is an easy way to get a more natural look. 
  • As usual, add mascara to your lashes after wiping the outside edges with a Q-tip. Consider adding false lashes to the mix for a more sultry finish. Add a glistening highlighter to the inner corners of your eyes to finish off the look. 

Is it distinct from the cat-eye effect? 

As an alternative to the cat eye, a foxy eye makes your eyes look longer by extending the eyeliner’s outer and inner corners in a fox-like shape. The eyeliner is dragged to the brow bone for a foxy eye look, and for a cat-eye style, the eyeliner is typically winged and thicker than expected to get the desired effect. 



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