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The best Netflix series of 2022. Watch them now.


2020 was a year of binge-watching. With everyone locked up in their houses, Netflix and other streaming platforms were the only solaces. And Netflix did give us some of the best content of all time. So let’s have a go-through through the best Netflix series of 2020.


This family friendly drama series showcased the rise of a Tejano superstar Selena Quintanilla from her childhood to adulthood. We always want a sneak peek inside the lives of the stars. This series will give you that.

Big Mouth:

The season 4 of this lewd and crude series is similar to its predecessor. However, this series touches new emotional corners with the weirdos of Bridgeton Middle School. So, if you are looking for something to watch alone. Put this on your list.

The Crown:

Princess Diana’s life was as it is induced curiosity. So it is quite natural that it the series should be a hit. Also, the actress playing Diana does an impeccable job playing Her Majesty. The 4 season is where the heart wrenching tragedy starts.

The Queen’s Gambit:

This series is an adaption of a book by Walter Travis. Beth Harmon’s rollercoaster life is full of emotions, drama, and wisdom. A misfit amongst everyone the series is all about her struggle to find a place for herself.

The Haunting of Bly Manor:

Looking for Horror Content? Netflix had some of the best in 2020. The Haunting of Bly Manor will bring goose bumps on your skin.


As children we often dream of going into outer space. But Emma Green, an astronaut is actually leaving everything behind to go to space. Now leave the technical aspects out of the discussion, but her journey is worth watching.


A nurse-turned-malpractice monster is another reason why you will fear hospitals. So if you want something thrilling, this series will give you chills.

Kobra Kai:

The Karate Kid is back with a similarly heartwarming performance. Once again Johnny Lawrence and Daniel LaRusso find themselves against each other.

Love on Spectrum:

Looking for something more on the psychological and emotional side? Watch Love on Spectrum as it follows Australians on the autism spectrum as they navigate dating and romance.

Umbrella Academy:

This is Netflix’s own version of Marvel. This series’ is an adaptation of My Chemical Romance’s Gerard Way comics and it tells story of a superhero team consisting of seven emotionally stunted siblings.

Indian Matchmaking:

The great Sima Taparia! This lady is incredible as she moves along matching single Indians everywhere. Mind you, it might give nausea to some to watch how matches are made in India.

Unsolved Mysteries:

A lot many mysteries go unsolved. This six series episode is Netflix’s version of what might have happened.

Anne with An E:

We know the title is very quirky. In 2020 Netflix launched the finale to the adaption if Anne of Green Gables. So if you loved the book you will love these series too.

So, these are some of the best Netflix series of 2020.



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