Hey side-sleepers, good news for you! Did you know that sleeping sideways is considered to be optimal for reducing back pain, snoring and neck pain?

Sleeping sideways is better for your body in many ways. Your blood flow and breathing pattern can depend on the position of your body while you sleep.

Science and doctors suggest that sleeping on your left side can reduce heartburn. You are unknowingly causing your body harm by sleeping on your stomach or back.


We are here to help you find out and enlighten you on the amazing benefits of turning on the left side when you sleep.

Why Does It Matter How You Sleep?

Know that both sides of your body are different than each other.

Scientists over the years researched on how your brain might function differently depending on your sleeping position. But apparently, it was not just another crazy theory.

Your brain function actually gets affected by that. Don’t believe me? Here are two reasons why!


1. Toxin Removal

Did you know that your brain gets rid of toxins in your sleep? Your brain’s position during sleep plays a major role in clearing the chemicals and toxins to out of your system.

That happens through something called “glymphatics” which are apparently tiny vessels inside your head. When calculated yearly, the dump weighs almost 3 pounds each year.

That, my friend is a LOT of waste, considering the fact that the average size of an adult brain weighs 3 pounds.


2. Cognitive Function

Hey, human! Your cognitive function somewhat relies on your sleeping position.

If you sleep sideways, your brain will clear out 25% more protein and fat, which is awful for your body.

So, as you will get rid of the plaque, your brain is most likely to function better when you grow old. Also, our brain can process creative information in our sleep and sleeping on the left side enhances the critical abilities.


5 Reasons Why You Should Sleep On Your Left Side

To make our claim more reasonable, here are some hard facts as to why sleeping on your left side is better and healthier for you.


1. Healthy Heart Function

Your heart’s on the left. So, logically speaking, if you sleep on your left side, your heart can pump blood more freely in your sleep to the body.

It enhances the blood flow to your lower abdomen and to the main areas of your body. It eases the work of your heart and your IVC. This is why the blood goes to your body and comes back to your heart, making it easier for you to have a better sleep.

2. Helps Bile Movement

When you go to sleep after a big meal, your body separates the nutrition and the waste in your sleep.

The bile flows through your large intestine and gets disposed on the left side due to gravity. As that side is responsible for defecation, it is best to sleep on your left for proper elimination.

The gallbladder and liver will also hang on the right side of your body when you sleep on your left. So, it will release bile and flow to the digestive tract which will mix with the fats and acids in your stomach and help with excretion.

3. Detox System For Your Body

Your spleen is responsible for filtering your blood.  This process of detoxifying your blood gets easier when you sleep on the left side because your spleen is on the left side of your body.

We have a lot of toxins in our blood which needs to be disposed of through a natural process. Sleeping on the left side makes the process easier and more flexible.

The spleen is a part of your lymphatic system and is responsible for muscular contractions which otherwise was the responsibility of your heart.

4. Fewer Chances of Health Problems

When you sleep on your left, there are fewer chances of your heart, liver, or lungs to get clogged by toxins and waste.  

Apparently, there is something called the lymph fluid which carries proteins and other metabolites to the left side of your heart and is then cleansed from your body when you sleep on your left.

The lymphatic system is what determines the fat deposit in your organs. So, as you left side is the dominant lymphatic side, the chances of toxin deposits in your organs reduces significantly. The body disposes those waste and keeps your organs healthy.

5. Better Digestion

Your body facilitates digestion when you sleep on your left. Your pancreas and stomach are faced towards your left when you sleep on the left side.

This is known to be good for digestion because the food moves more freely and easily due to gravity and releases the enzymes which are required for digestion.

If you rest for a while on your left side after heavy food consumption, you will not feel fatigued or bloated.


Science has advanced significantly over the decades. The best part about science is that it supports their claim with logic and studies.

Sometimes it’s wiser to listen to some tips to stay healthy and alive. Sleeping on your left side is a habit which you can change quite easily. There are also different kinds of mattresses for side sleepers available to help adapt comfortably.

So, if one habit can lead to a healthier life, then isn’t it worth it?




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