Top 10 Live Streaming Websites to Watch Cricket Online

    Cricket, today, is a game which can be touted as the next big thing after Football . Cricket fans are spread across nations and  now it is getting popular even in the nations where it was not popular before like Hongkong, Ireand and Afghanistan. There are two kinds of Cricket fans in the world, according to me. One of them are Indians and the other kind includes the rest of the world. Imagine MCG earlier this year in the Australia vs. India match. Even MCG’s own stands were baffled by the presence of blue in the crowd. The Indians owned the MCG that day in terms of team support. In typical Indian fashion, they rooted for the men in blue with all the vigour and passion. The passion of these fans cannot be matched anywhere in the whole world.

    Now painting an exact stark contrasting image, of any Ashes match, however, heated it might get, its spectators will do nothing more than clapping upon a wicket or a boundary. The class and elegance of these people seems really fascinating to me as an Indian. One remembers the semi-final match of the World Cup- India vs. Sri Lanka. The flaring Indian fans were so enraged that they would not let the match continue. Such is the effect of cricket, especially in our country. We cannot, come what may, miss a match which involves India. And I’m not stereotyping. I am speaking on behalf of only those who are ardent fans and not everyone is.

    But those who are, for them an India-Pakistan match is that secret ingredient a chef has been searching and he finally found it in some far-fetched country. We Indians are crazy about a live match and since we must work to put food in our belly, it is not always possible to sit down with friends and argue over what went wrong in that shot. So if you are among those who have roller skates tied to their feet, fret no more because we do have an alternative and it is dedicated as we are. Following a match live can get increasingly difficult and technology has not just contributed to Hawkeye and Sneakometer or Hotspot. You can catch a game live, in its full glory, on your laptop or phone. We have website portals to cater this need and they are pretty successful at  showing live cricket scores.

    Best 10 live streaming websites to Watch cricket online


    Seriously, nobody does it better. ESPN has ruled the cricket and sports journalism in general since decades and they are quite experts at this too. From watching a match live to the most trivial details that can help you improve your cricketing acumen, everything has one stop and that is this site. The experts tether out a match ball by ball and you can follow all that.


    This is another immensely popular site for online streaming of live matches. You can follow both domestic as well as international matches here and it is extremely smooth as a silken caress like V.V.S.  Laxman’s bat did.



    Star Sports is a sports channel under the huge Star network and its site is the ultimate destination if you want reliable, solid and sturdy coverage of all the international matches. It gets millions of visits everyday and the broadcasting is absolutely marvelous. The one-stop site for all the statistics and data related to any match around the world. From an expert commentary to highlights and prognostication, is the site.


    A rookie among the channels listed above but its climbing the popularity chart rapidly because of the perfect online cricketing experience it offers. A new site which is working dedicatedly towards improvement and user satisfaction.


    BCCI are the Controller of Cricket in India and their official website is the one which can be visited for matches involving India happening anywhere in the world. They have also got an amazing archive coupled with regular updates about the team, interviews shown exclusively here and much more.


    cricket-365 banner

    If your sole purpose is just to watch a live match online then this is the site you should click at. A go-to site for the straightforward who just want a simple, plain site, 5-6 channels to choose from and watch the match.


    This is a new site which has cropped up recently with a service providing live matches freely. Fully dedicated to matches involving Pakistan and it only has five different servers. It is getting good reviews amongst Pakistani fans.


    Another website for live streaming of cricket matches and it has some good servers and channels amongst its arsenal. If the popular sites are troubling, this is the site you should give a shot. It also has other features like scorecard and expert reviews and match timings which are an add-on bonus.


    Geo is an extremely popular Pakistani TV network and now they are also into the business of live streaming cricket matches which involves Pakistan. The experience in the field and the name it has made for itself is making it popular in Pakistan. Can be said the Pakistani counterpart of


    A very popular site to watch free online matches of cricket from anywhere in the world. It has an awful lot of servers streaming various matches at a time and you can click to watch pn the match of your liking.

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