10 Recipes You Can Make Overnight In Your Fridge


Imagine arriving home from a hard day at work, irritating fellow commuters on the way back and then the herculean task of getting food on the table. We all have those days several times in a month and it is not at all right to be so stressed about food when you have already had your share of stress at work. Food should bring a smile on your face and its idea should help you ignore those noisy people you travel with on your way back. As you read on, you’ll discover that your fridge, the cold cupboard that you just used for keeping your food fresh is actually that one magic ingredient that will warm up your days of distress. With the fridge by your side, you have a whole lot of new recipes that are a cakewalk to prepare. From side snacks to breakfast and dessert, fridge assists you in all these. Variety, and how! So next time, you can breathe easy and start wondering which movies or TV series you’re gonna binge watch munching away on the delicacies listed here. Some gourmet shit, these!

  1. Overnight Buttermilk Cinnamon Rolls

Super easy and super delicious are the keywords for this lip smacking dish that can give your mornings a happy start and keep you smiling for the rest of the day. For the night before, all you need is easy to get ingredients like egg yolk, whole egg, yeast, buttermilk etc. Prepare the dough in simple steps and follow the instructions till you reach the step about arranging rolls in the baking dish and then refrigerate overnight for up to 16 hours. You can make the icing by whisking cream cheese in a bowl and then spreading it over the rolls.

  1. Overnight Whiskey Applesauce

This delight to your taste buds is so easy to prepare that you won’t believe. All you need is apples, sugar, water, vanilla extract, whiskey (I’d recommend Jack Daniels Tanneesse honey), a pinch of salt and some easy steps which include dumping all of these after peeling and cutting of apples and then leave it in a crack pot for 8 hours in a fridge. Voila! All you need is to mash the apples as they are soft now. Thank us later. C:\Users\1\Desktop\imgres.jpg

  1. Green Gazpacho

This low on calorie and high on nutrition epicurean delight is an amazing blend of flavours. It has fresh herbs, green bell pepper, green grapes and cucumber. As sophisticated as it may look, it only takes 20 active minutes to prepare. You can refrigerate it and when you meet it next time, an amazing dish with 51% of Vitamin C will be waiting for you. C:\Users\1\Desktop\greengazpachofinal.jpg

  1. Raw Chocolate Hazelnut Breakfast Parfait

This chocolate porridge is light and healthy without being overly sweet, so it’s something you can enjoy in the morning. You may go with the option of adding a banana for natural sweetness, a couple tablespoons of cacao powder,  and a hint of vanilla and maple syrup. The porridge is great all on its own, but if you want to get fancy, go to town with the toppings. I added toasted hazelnuts, toasted flaked coconut, banana and strawberries, strawberry chia seeds. C:\Users\1\Desktop\imgres.jpg

  1. Mini Matcha No Bake Ice Box Cake
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Move over your traditional baked cake. This cake by someone genius is wickedly delicious and adorable. A dessert which will give your meals an ending you deserve. All it takes is a 15 minutes of your time and then the refrigerator can chill it overnight. With a hand mixer, beat the cream until soft peaks form. Add in the matcha and whip until mixed. On a plate, lay down 3 wafers. Top each wafer with about 2 teaspoons of matcha whipped cream. Add a wafer on top and press down slightly. Repeat until each mini cake has 4 layers. If desired, ice the mini cake all the way around. Place in the fridge overnight – this is when the magic happens. The wafers rehydrate and become cake-like. The next day, enjoy!

  1. Easy Overnight French Toast Bake

Ever wondered what it would do to a French toast if you let it sit for an overnight in a fridge? Make it more delicious. Fans of brunch would kill for this dish as it lets you catch some sleep and still you can have this dish in all its breakfast glory. Super simple and easy, it is best if you make this a night before and allow your breads to soak in all that goodness. When you serve, pour in that maple graze and make it manifolds better, nothing what a syrup could ever do.

  1. Chia And Raspberry Breakfast

This recipe is a variation of a chia pudding with a flavorful raspberry twist. It’s a simple, satisfying and very delicious breakfast or mid-day snack. Or even dessert. You can prepare it a day in advance and keep it in the fridge. If you are not yet familiar with chia seeds, they are filled with protein, omega 3 fatty acid and calcium, have a very mild flavor and are incredible at binding liquids.Feel free to play around with this recipe. You could replace the raspberries with other berries or mashed fruit and the milk with freshly squeezed juice. Or  you could blend some dates with the milk and serve it as a dessert. Use whatever toppings you preferC:\Users\1\Desktop\Chia_berry_porridge.jpg

  1. Green Monster Overnight Oats

We have our fair share of delicious oatmeal dishes but this one scores brownie points as the most unique. Oats are healthy and if a bowl sitting on your breakfast table looks so pretty and you have no one but yourself to thank to, things do get happy. This delightful twist can be enhanced with the toppings of your choice.

  1. Almond Joy Chia Seed Pudding

This recreation of your favorite candy bar will serve just right for a light snack. With a preparation time of just 3 minutes, this could already get you into motion. And guess what, the overnight chill that you will give it will allow your chia seeds to absorb liquid and weave some magic then.

  1. Blueberry Pie Overnight Oats

Fresh blueberries coupled with this amazing recipe is what you’d been wanting to make a comforting oatmeal breakfast which doesn’t need you to wake up early. You may use granola for topping and blueberry jam would be great.

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Happy eating!