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Suffering from diabetes 3 things you must know


Now-a-days, diabetes has been common among people. Due to modern life style, even children are being obese. There is a solution to this, like every problem has a solution.images (13)

#1. Diet control

We all know that diabetes is gestational. It can be controlled, if you control your diet. I will recommend you to drink water as more as you can. Here is doctors recommended diet:

Early in the morning,

try to drink glass full of water. It is preferred to drink hot water . Green tea is also good. It removes toxins from body.

Take food supplements for every two hours. But make sure that you do not take heavy diet.

Food supplements preferred for diabetes patients are

Morning for breakfast:

Tiffin’s like idli , upma, pongal ( not sweet pongal) are allowed. Along with these , dosa , chapati, roti can be taken with less oil.

After breakfast :

two hours after breakfast, you must take some light food . you can have cream less milk along with two or three fibre biscuits. Avoid taking tea , coffee. If you such habit , decrease it gradually.

Lunch :

2 rotis (without oil or ghee), 1 plate rice, 1 cup dal, ½ cup vegetable or chicken curry and 1 bowl salad. 1 cup cooked rice (without starch) with ½ cup vegetable curry.

Afternoon Snack :

1 cup moong bean sprouts, 15 peanuts with salt pepper and lemon to taste. 1 cup yogurt with cut fruits. 1 apple. Cucumber or carrot slices.

Dinner :

1 roti ( without oil or ghee), ½ cup vegetable curry, 1 cup dal and 1 bowl of salad. 1 cup rice (without starch),1 cup of dal and 1 bowl of salad· 1 cup of chicken curry, ½ cup of boiled rice ( without starch), 2 rotis (without oil or ghee) and 1 bowl of salad.

Evening Snack :You can take light snacks like. 1 glass milk. Lime juic. Watermelon or any other fruit.

#2. Precautions:

Eliminate sugar and starches from your diet. This is because starchy foods trigger insulin secretion, which leads to fat storage in the body.

Cutting down on starch helps control insulin secretion and assists the kidneys in flushing out extra sodium and water that cause bloating. It also cuts down extra water weight.

Instead of starchy vegetables, you can have eggs rich in Omega-3, fish, and seafood like salmon, trout, shrimps, and lobsters. You can also have beef, chicken, bacon, pork, and lamb. You should have 20-50 grams of protein daily. Regular intake of protein improves metabolism and keeps you satiated for a long time.

Never feel guilty loading your plate with healthy low-carb vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, kale, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, lettuce, Swiss chard, and celery. You can have them as salads, stews, grilled or slightly steamed with low-calorie dips.

You can easily have 20-50 grams of low-carb veggies. They are high in fiber, vitamins, and minerals that are essential for a healthy body. You can add butter, lard, tallow and coconut oil to your diet as per your taste in moderation.

To ensure quick weight loss, include exercises too. No more crash diets and starving to lose weight!

Remember to follow a safe and healthy method to lose weight. ‘Stay active and stay natural’ should be your new mantra to lose weight.

#3. Exercise :

Your diet may be perfect but if you don’t exercise you cannot get the result.

Morning walk is the best way to control diabetes as well as to reduce your weight.



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