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STAROBE – Deck up like a star!



It is in the best interest of any filmy fashion zealot or plain simply any maniac fan’s dream to at least own one pair of clothes donned by their onscreen matinee idols. There is a lot of pomp and show-off when a movie star’s name is tagged to clothing not only on-screen but also in their off-screen fashion choices. That is a testament to the megalith power that a star wields over fashion trends in the ever-changing clothing line market and also on casting a charismatic spell over both their fans and audiences alike.

Starobe presents a grand new wardrobe for all the die-hard fans of Telugu movie Superstars and celebrities who can now rejoice as they get to try their favourite stars’ fashionable outfits in all its color and grandeur. Starobe online shopping service gives all the hardcore fans and movie buffs a taste of an out of the world experience when it comes to shopping via a galaxy of digital shopping websites. Fans, movie buffs, even regular online shoppers can vouch for this unique opportunity where people can dress up from head to toe in all of their favorite celebrity outfits and accessories which are available in our online store at an affordable price.

A range of iconic products and accessories donned by the latest Telugu movie heartthrobs are available to the delight of their fans to choose from. An out and out list of designer labels is here at one’s disposal in a wide variety of outfits that are handpicked by the stars for the get-ups they essay in their author-backed roles in the movies. Starobe is undoubtedly a shopper’s delight to be in a twilight zone of getting to select their favorite wardrobe of their beloved stars as well as able to choose the outfits that suits their occasion and budget.

Starobe associates with the Production Houses and Movies officially as it doesn’t sell any second-hand goods or products worn/used by the matinee idols. We even associate with celebrity stylists who bring film fashion to the general audience which means modeling similar kinds of outfits that almost carries the same designer/brand labels which have tailor-made the costumes of your favorite stars.

So, be it a Pawan Kalyan’s comfortable Katamarayudu cottons in his Half Kurtas and Dhotis you can choose for your summer festive occasion or even the Kashi towel that went so well with his character and matched his attire or that hand bracelet he wore as part of his get-up, all of the original Pawanism styles for the Katamarayudu movie can be embraced with a combination of one or many of the above drool-worthy products at a saleable price.

Starobe has a team of stylists to bring the latest and hottest filmy fashion to you as we not only put on sale your hottest hero costumes but even some of the most trendy heroine outfits as well. You may check out the dreamy wardrobe that your favorite female lead carried in a particular shot or a song and own them at the click of a mouse in no time. One can even check out the entire leading cast’s trendiest of the attires assorted in our categories of their latest blockbuster movies. We promise that in future we will place on our website a host of star wardrobes which are look-wise carefully curated that will make you go panting for even more.


Also grab more of our sponsored apparel in interesting sections like Own your Mahesh, Katamarayudu In, Go Fidaa, Power Dress like PSPK, Exclusive styles from Hello, Dress up this Valentine’s Day for your Tholiprema, and so much more to grab as much star garb as possible. We are working towards adding the garments from other film industries in the likes of Bollywood, Kollywood, Sandalwood onto our clientele list. We are also the official fashion cum shopping partners for movies like Brahmotsavam, Raja the Great, Tholi Prema, Hello, etc. to name a few along with advocating style tips straight from the fashion diaries of leading Bollywood and Hollywood superstars.


So, once you’ve zeroed in on your choice of apparel and accessories waste no time in signing up to become a registered member of Starobe so you can best access the latest of your movie star’s fad fashion choices that have become a rage in the hearts of zillions of movie lovers across the world. Sign in with Starobe and savor a roller-coaster ride of fabulous clothing stuff fashioned for you right from a galaxy of movie celeb names and films sporting them in your favor!



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