Strategies to Help Introverts Thrive at School


For an introvert, there is nothing more cumbersome than sitting in a classroom filled with students who are talking, playing and being active in all the class activities.

It is hard to get the mind away from the feeling of being surrounded with so many people, let alone focusing on studies and thriving ferociously. But that is not how one can learn and ace ahead in life. Hence, introverts need to adopt several strategies and tips that can help them do well in their school.

If you are also an introvert, we hope this article can prove to be helpful. Here are some easy strategies which can help introverts not just survive but thrive in their school life:

Embrace Their Introversion

This may not seem like a strategy, but it is an important step every introvert needs to take in their lifetime. One cannot achieve success without accepting their own personality.

Hence, introverts should first try to accept the fact that they are introverts. Moreover, they also need to get rid of the misconception that being an introvert can negatively impact their lives.

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Not many people know, but great personalities like Albert Einstein, Abraham Lincoln, Bill Gates, and even Deepika Padukone are introverts.

They didn’t let their personality come in the way of their success. Similarly, other introverts can also aim for big things and turn out to be successful.

The earlier introverts embrace their introversion, the better understanding they get of their goals. Thus, realizing their personality traits in school comes out as a significant step towards success.

Find a Hobby

A hobby is not just a thing to entertain oneself, but it also empowers an individual. It eliminates stress levels and builds confidence which is quite essential for introverts.

Hobbies like dancing, singing or even sports like volleyball can help in developing a personality. They also help introverts learn crucial skills like working as a team.

Even the simple hobbies like collecting old coins and postcards are essential as they cater to a person’s individual likes while giving them the bunch of happy moments to cherish. A happy mind, thus, can focus on things that need concentration.

Not just this, if introverts do something that they are passionate about, they will certainly thrive more than their peers in the school.

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Participate in Extra-curricular Activities

If it’s possible, introverts should begin participating in extra-curricular activities. While it effectively makes them more confident, active participation also helps them present their ideas to others.

Moreover, introverts who are creative can utilize these opportunities and if they are talented enough, can come out as shining stars in the school.

This also helps them in showcasing their hidden talent and earn the appreciation of others; thus, becoming more confident. Last but definitely not least, they can also make friends from other classes and sections in the school.

Join Online Study Groups

After extracurriculars, it’s time to discuss studies. If introverts are not able to make effective study groups in class, they can join online study groups and take the benefits of virtual communication for studies.

In this digital era, the internet has turned out to be one of the best ways to improve one’s academic performance. There are innumerable videos on study topics, articles and various platforms where students can effectively learn more.

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They can also discuss their academic doubts without hesitating and get answers from their online friends.

Prepare and Win a Scholarship

This strategy is like the best of both worlds. Introverts who are still in school can apply for scholarships and earn various benefits by winning it.

For instance, an introvert looking for scholarship exams for class 9can apply for Aakash National Talent Hunt Exam (ANTHE) and work hard to score well.

In case they crack scholarship exams for class 9, they not only get financial benefits to achieve their dream but this accomplishment also recognizes their academic talent. What’s more? Well, their self-esteem and confidence also get a great boost.

Done reading? Well, then you know what to do. Try to adopt these simple strategies and make your school life better than ever.