Star kids names and their meanings. Famous B-town kids


Just recently, Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli were blessed with a cute baby girl. Kareena Kapoor Khan will also be welcoming her second baby soon. Celebrity kids, especially Bollywood Star kids, have always cherished special attention from the media. Let’s keep the nepotism controversies aside. But a lot of these kids have one thing in common. Unique names! So, here’s a list of star kids names and their meanings.

Anushka and Virat’s Vamika:

Let’s start with the newest addition. Vamika is another name for the sacred goddess Durga. Known for her unwavering spirit, Goddess Durga is an important deity within the Hindu culture.

Shilpa and Raj Kundra’s Viaan:

Shilpa Shetty is known for her fitness and yoga practices. Even in her middle age, this actress has maintained an excellent physique and health. Shilpa and Raj have named their kid Viaan. It means alive and lively. What other names can suit Shilpa Shetty’s boy who looks much like her?

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Kareena and Saif’s Taimur:

This kid is easily the most popular kids in B-town. Ever since he was born in 2016, the kid has enjoyed a lot of media attention. And why shouldn’t he be the perfect amalgamation of the Pataudi and Kapoor family genes? And Kareena Kapoor too has been a favourite amongst the media for her beauty and unique reel characters. Taimur has its origins in Arabic, and it means iron.

Aishwarya and Abhishek’s Aaradhya:

The granddaughter of Big B is famous for her down to earth mannerisms and habits. The daughter of Miss World 1994 is a sweet darling. Like mother like daughter aptly fits here. One might trace her subtleties to her grandmother as Jaya Bachchan was known for her similar distinctive elegance and style, far from any glaring glamour. Aaradhya means ‘to be worshipped’ in the Sanskrit language.

Kiran and Amir’s Azad:

Maulana Azad, the great grandfather of Amir Khan, has been the inspiration behind his son’s name. Azad means free from barricades and liberated. Amir is known to share an exceptional relationship with his son.

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Mira and Shahid’s Misha:

Shahid Kapoor was a heartthrob and chocolate boy of Bollywood on his initial years. His daughter has received his charms in heredity. Not to mention the impeccable beauty of Mira Rajput as well. The little curly head angel is a named Misha which is a name ship of her parent’s name.

Kajol and Ajay’s Nysa:

One of the most famous couples of their times, Kajol and Ajay radiate old school romance. Their daughter Nysa is known to have quirky expressions from her mother and her father’s smouldering looks. Nysa is a Greek word. It means a new auspicious beginning.

Susanne and Hrithik’s Hrehaan and Hredhaan.

The most handsome man in the world has an equally charming and handsome set of very close boys to their beloved Papa. They share the distinctive silent letter H in their name just like their father. Hrehaan means God’s Chosen One and Hredhaan means a person with a big heart.

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Twinkle and Akshay’s Aarav:

Aarav is exactly how you expect Akshay Kumar’s kid to be. He is known for his easy-going and witty attitude, much like his father and Mrs FunnyBones. The name Aarav means peaceful.

So, these are some of the famous star kids names and their meanings.